You have potential!

You have potential.  But are you brave enough to face it?In God's hands my life has meaning

Facing our potential is scary.  Every time I consider what I might do, what I could do, what I’d love to do, questions and fears step in, threatening to stop me before I take the first step.

Do I have what it takes?  What if I start and can’t finish? What if the end result isn’t good enough? Others will depend on me and what if I disappoint them?

Have you ever had those thoughts?

Today I have a devotion running on Encouragement for Today about a woman who might have had those thoughts when faced with an opportunity to step out of her comfort zone and into God’s will for her.  Although she lived thousands of years ago, her story isn’t so far from ours.  (If you are joining me after reading my devotion, welcome!)

It’s a funny thing about potential.  No matter what age I’ve been, I still want someone to see my potential. To see that there’s more in me than I think there is.  To believe I have what it takes.  And yet I’m scared if they do.

Because secretly I don’t think I have what it takes. I know my tendency to procrastinate. To choose busy work over my best work. To resist the pain of discipline. I know every weak area in me better than anyone.

But I’ve learned something about God.  He sees every flaw in me too.  In my personality, in my past, in my present. He knows when I’ve blown it and He knows those areas I can’t seem to get under control. There’s nothing hidden from God.

And yet He also sees my potential.  Every day it’s brand new.  Every day I get another chance.

If only …

If only I’ll trust Him … completely.  Especially when I don’t understand why He’s asking me to do something.

If only I’ll submit my weak character issues to Him.  And allow His Spirit to strengthen and change me.

If only I’ll accept help from others.  Many times, really most times, I need help to meet my potential. And here is where I’ve really gotten it wrong in the past.  I’m just too independent.

But I’m learning. I’m seeking help and it’s making a difference.

This is such good news for all of us! We can change.  Yahoo!

So today I wanted to be the one to speak hope into your life.  I wish I could sit across a table from you, with cups of coffee in our hands, and look you straight in the eyes and say: You have potential.  Maybe not to be an Olympic pole vaulter or the winner of American Idol.  But then again, maybe you do.  What I mean is, you have the potential to do whatever God wants you to do.

What is that?  Start a ministry, teach, write a book, adopt a child, take up painting, learn to decorate, move to France, speak another language, start a business!  I don’t know what your potential is but I know many of you haven’t even begun to tap into it.

Your weak areas don’t diminish your potential.  Neither does your age, stage of life, health, past or present choices, nor any “excuse” you can come up with. You can do all things that God wants you to do through the power of Christ.

But are you brave enough to face it?  I believe you are!

Thanks for joining me today on Glynnis’ Cheerleading Corner!  If you were here with me, I’d grab some pompoms, do a cheer and then end with the splits!  Well, I would, but I can’t do the splits … or could I?  :-)

In Christ’s love,


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