Not your Grandma’s schedule

Today, Roo Mag is featuring an article I wrote titled:  “Wash on Mondays, Iron on Tuesdays.”  I hope you’ll hop over there and read it, then come back.  Or read this first, then hop over there.  I’m working on releasing my need to control things, so feel free to do what you prefer.  :-)

I based that article on the hand embroidered tea towels I remember seeing when I was a young girl.  I’m not sure if one of my grandmother’s had them or maybe even my mother.  But even as a child I loved the idea of order.  (My books and the knicknacks on my shelf were all ordered by size.  Pity my sweet free-spirited little sister who had to share a room with me.)

Vintage tea towel "Wash on Monday"

If you’ve never seen them, they varied in design, but they were always charming.  I included a great sample of one here.

I’ll admit that my life isn’t as ordered as I’d like it to be.  I’m still actively mothering five youngins ages 14 to 20, and every week is different in our house.

What I’ve learned from generations of women before me is that priorities make the difference when it comes to getting control of my schedule.  When I identify my priorities, whether for the week, day or the next hour, I’m much better able to make decisions about what needs to be done.

Yesterday was a perfect example of this for me.  Right now I have deadlines piled upon deadlines.  Some I’m looking at in the rear-view mirror … that I didn’t meet.  Some are staring me in the face.  Some are taunting me from around the corner.

Yesterday morning, I found myself sitting and staring, then putting my face in my hands and groaning, then staring, then groaning … and the pattern continued.  I realized the problem was I didn’t have clear priorities.  I was overwhelmed and everything seemed like a fire I needed to put out – right then.  But that wasn’t true.  So I stopped the ridiculous staring/groaning routine and made a master list of what had to be done and by when.

Then I was able to pencil out a schedule for the next week, assigning each task to a day.  I also scheduled grocery shopping and laundry – two big weekly priorities for my family of seven. Plus some trips to the gym.

Once that was done, I was able to focus on the one thing I assigned myself for Wednesday.  And I got it done!

Yes, I still have a lot to do.  But I don’t feel stressed and overwhelmed.  I know what needs to be done and I have a plan.  Of course, my plan might be hijacked by a sick child or a dog who tried to run through my screen door a few hours ago, bending the frame, and now I have to call the screen repair man – thank you very much!  But, I will just adjust my schedule … with a smile.

Enough about me.  Do you have a schedule?  How does it work for you?  What do you think about how our grandmothers (and greatgrandmothers) ordered their weekly housekeeping tasks?  Could it work for us?

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Thanks so much for joining me today.

Grace & Peace,




  1. JOYce Henkell says

    Hi Glynnis
    I followed your sessions in January about clutter and am about to re-read them LOL
    I do have so order in my schedule though!
    If I do my laundry Thursday night, I seem to have a good handle on it. I can cross that chore off my list and wear my favourites for the weekend and work clothes are ready to go on Monday !!

  2. Dana says

    Wow, Glynnis! It is always so reassuring to know that I am not the only woman who struggles with these issues. I too have an overwhelming “to do” list that includes tons of insurance paperwork, coordinating an international move for a family of 5, and yep- sick kid at home today to throw a monkey wrench in all my best laid plans. I am a professional procrastinator, a perfectionist who would somehow rather not start a job than only get it half done (which means *nothing* gets done!), and with an internet connection I’ve got blogs and Facebook to distract me from it all! I have always wanted to come up with some kind of schedule like you mention, so I look forward to hearing comments from some better-organized ladies. Thanks so much for sharing your struggles- knowing I’m not alone makes SUCH a difference in being able to get through the day. God bless you!

  3. says

    We just had an intensive home-based therapy session for our special needs daughter. I know she needs high structure but now I can see she also needs high nurture so I’ve been spending my days coloring, playing with teddy bears, and connecting with my daughter while my housework starts to overwhelm me! I need to figure out a schedule that is realistic for this new lifestyle we need to embrace. It definitely is not my comfort zone but she responds well to the nurture so maybe some of the housework will just sit!

  4. says

    Hi Glynnis ~
    I believe a schedule is important; and it should include family time. Living has changed over the years; many Moms work full time. In Grandma’s day…it was different. Grandma always had time for you; she was always there.
    Hubby and I believe that is the way the good Lord intended it to be, at least while the kids are young…or maybe I should say, especially. Sadly, today many Moms have to work to help pay the bills. Others work to keep paying for the extras.
    Too many Mom’s I talk to are so busy; they don’t have time for anything it seems. The family suffers.
    Just my two cents worth…you asked.
    So…yes, I believe grandma’s schedule helped to teach and build stability and sanity.
    Now that I am retired, I am on a schedule. I decide if and when I want to shift some of the chores around, but I am still scheduled nevertheless, and I enjoy it so much.

  5. Jenn says

    Glynnis –

    It seems as though everything you have ever written or continue to write about this topic, you have written specifically for me. Have we met? haha

    I’m three chapters away from finishing “I Used to Be So Organized” and it has been the most wonderful eye-opener. Thank you for this blog too, that serves as a regular reminder of ways I need to be reclaiming order in my life.

    I’m still working on my schedule, so I can’t really share it at this point. I’m kind of in that “just getting by” stage right now. What I have started doing though, is clearly defining my priorities. This is very helpful when it comes to weeding through my schedule. It definitely makes it less overwhelming. Now if I could just start a pattern of scheduling (i.e., wash on Mondays), maybe I can feel in control again.

    Thanks again!

  6. Heather says

    For working moms… I can throw in a load of laundry in the morning and put in the dryer in the evening; or reverse that, throw a load of laundry in at night, and wa-laa, the kids have clean jeans before school in the morning.

    Don’t ignore child labor, the legal kind. My kids are older, but on of their regular duties is to empty the dishwasher when they get home from school. I keep a chore calendar I created in excel from a free calendar template. It stays on the fridge and then we don’t have fights about whose night it is to do what (well, fewer arguments).

    I fail miserably at setting a menu and getting dinner ready on late nights or nights with other activities. Anyone have tips on designing a menu? Especially for moms who don’t like to cook, but want to feed the family healthy and unprocessed foods.

    • Kathleen mills says

      Heather, first I ‘heart’ my crockpot…or should I say all 3 of them, as they range from the little tiny one, that appears when i’m supposed to bring an appetizer to something, and i show up when some hot yumminess that took 4 mins to throw in the pot, up to the 6 quart, which gets the most use. I have 4 crockpot cookbooks. when you know there won’t even be time for a 15 min prep for dinner, this is the answer! you can even make an awesome roast chicken in one, while your sides cook in the other. When I got a new 6 qt (after throwing out the old one, with the full, cold, uncooked meal in it at 6 pm when I got home…) I made sure to get one that has a warm feature, and will cook either manually, on a temp probe for roast, or on a timer, then switch to warm. this allows everyone to eat on their schedule if necessary.
      secondly, I discovered a blog Once a Month Mom, with good ideas for cooking in advance, so meals are ready to go. I also have a fix, freeze cookbook I got at Costco, with recipes geared to the big packages there, and make 3 -6 entrees each for the freezer.
      this advance time spent cooking saves us from lots of fast food!! AND, when i have a friend in need, I can show up with a meal, because they are already in my freezer. It is truly a gift for them…after a quick catch up phone call, and you hear that panicked sound in your friend’s voice, it’s so easy and fun to show up with a meal in your hand!!
      ok, sorry Glenis this was WAY too long!

  7. Sue says

    Hi Glynnis,
    I am a beliver in the schedule. When I worked full time I had a schedule. I knew what needed to be done at work and at home and got it done. But when I left my job to be a stay at home mom, everything went crazy. For the longest time I could not figure out why I was not getting anything done at home! I then remembered I had a schedule when I worked, why not when I am at home. I have a daily schedule of everything that needs to be done. At the start of every day, during my pray time (which is schedule) I asked God to lead me on what really is important for that day. Then I prioritize what has to be done that day. Things get accomplished even if (and most days this is the case) things not included are thrown my way. It helps me to make time for my family, myself, and my volunteering. I have had other moms ask how I get so much done. I told them it is because of my schedule.

  8. Noemi Welsch says

    I love this!! Our of six can be overwhelming at time to say the least. But I have learned to stick a weekly schedule. Ill worry about next week next week. Which is very hard for me because I am a control freak. And no I don’t do things like my mother although she would like me too. And your book and blog have helped me a lot. Thanks.

  9. Amy says

    This is a struggle for me. I know that I need a schedule so I can accomplish all that I need and want to. I think I will do as you did and write down all that I need to get done and a deadline for getting it done. Then work the rest of my schedule around that. Thank you for the great suggestion.

  10. Laura says

    I love order also and I really appreciate your writing! It helps me not to be controlled by order but to focus my thoughts on God and be thankful HE has total control! Otherwise, I end up a total control and order freak!

    Where in Eastern New Mexico is your family from? My father grew up in Portales New Mexico, oldest of 12 children — his birthday is next week, he will be 72. His grandmother was an amazing woman — widowed once, 2nd husband left her and she raised 4 daughters on her own, mourned several infant sons and raised my dad (her grandson). She took in laundry, raised chickens and eventually paid for her home all due to her hard work. My father passed on those same values to me, my sister, and my brother. It makes me tired thinking of all she accomplished!!!

    Thank you for sharing your gift of writing and helping us focus on God!

  11. LC says

    I have felt like today you are speaking to me – again! I enjoy reading your blog so much. I have had an especially stressful week. I am doing too much 4 months after back surgery and my body is telling me so, but most of what I am doing is for other people: baking a cake for church fundraiser, attending a funeral, getting the e-mail fixed, taking my child to the dr. 2 hours away, running errands, getting ready for my husband’s birthday and handling issues at work. I wanted to cry yesterday because I need a day of rest, but you have put things into perspective for me today. I need to make another list and start back walking this weekend. And I need to be more thanksful that others need me and I can provide to them! God bless you!

  12. Kathryn H says

    I have four kids ages 12 to 18…… three different schools in three different communities, as I live in the middle of nowhere/everywhere. There are certain things that have to be structured. Getting up and out of the house. Getting to mtgs and extra curricular sports etc. Meal time and bed time as best as possible. But I have had to learn to be flexible. In a typical week, someone will add multiple things to the already crowded schedule, and if it can be done,it will. I protect bed and supper hour as much as I can, as these are important to me. The rest I just do the best I can. Unfortunately it takes until I am behind or overwhelmed to ask for help. Need to work on that one!

  13. Domanicka says

    I think the grandmas had something there when they created a schedule. I do well scheduling. It is just making sure I accomplish what is on the schedule is a difficult task for me. I noticed that I feel less overwhelmed if I have an idea what I need to accomplish and when. Procrastination is my problem.

  14. Kallen says

    Thanks so much for reminding me about the weekly schedule. In my past job, I had this down pat. Unfortunately, I have not been able to get a handle on that in my current career. I too have stared and groaned and groaned….I am now going to write down what needs to be done and focus on one thing at a time (other than small fires that will come up during the day…but at least I have a plan to work around. Thank you!

  15. CDB says

    I also work full time and I got tired of approaching the weekends with so many to do’s that I had no “free time” to do something I might want to do instead of what I had to do – so I started simple and decided – I would wash on Weds and take that off my Sat list. A simple change that has reaped intentional time to take a break and enjoy a little slower pace of life for a few minutes on Sat.

    Scheduling has helped me order more tasks to a work day and create some space on the weekends to slow down and simplify.

  16. Kathleen mills says

    Glyniss (there, I spelled your name correctly, unlike above when I responded to heather)…thanks AGAIN! This was a much needed message for me today. I have struggled so much for the last few years with a very low energy level. Hopefully I am working on that physical problem now, but have still come to terms that at 47, I can’t just respond to overwhelming tasks by making coffee and pulling an all-nighter. This worked my whole life, and I’d get so focused on those nights i could blow through everything, AND do it well. AND function the next day. It was a gift, definitely, but is gone now.
    So, until I get everything on a scheule, for this minute, I’m going to sit here for 15 mins and make a list like you were just describing. I think it will help!!

  17. says

    What a universal theme for women. Just this week I had “the talk” with myself . . . I had been putting off some things to the point that they were now stressing me. Had I just done them when needed the stress would not have been there. So spent the first part of the week catching up, now can relax. I know this happens when I postpone things — why can’t I or rather why don’t I cease and desist?

    • Shannon says

      A timely, and as others have mentioned, a dead on personal message of what I, too, am living right now! Thank you, Glynnis.

  18. Holly Stillwagon says

    Thank you for today’s blog post. I’m a mom to eight girls. some forever some foster, ages ten to two. My scheduled is hijacked daily, usually several times a day, by a child, pet, husband, caseworker, etc. This winter was particularly bad for illness. I gave up on your January organization plan in the midst of influenza, stomach flu, strep throat & the like. I got stuck in the staring/groaning cycle.
    I have my notebook where I jot all the “stuff”. Must do, should do, would love to do all live there. I have a “Putting out fires” page as well for the daily emergencies.
    This morning I have pen, notebook & a fresh page to sort through my lists & get a game plan for the next three days. Just three days.There are too many variables yet for the following days. On Sunday I will sneak away during nap time to create a game plan for next week.
    Thank you. When in the middle of the mess I lose perspective. Thank you for helping me refocus.

  19. Melodie says

    I totally agree with having a schedule! It is absolutely necessary to have one..5 kids 2 through 19, working part time has me usually running circles. :) I have always rebelled against schedules thinking they are constricting only in the last few years have I realized that these schedule “boundaries” are actually freeing! I have more time to do things I love when everything has a time and place scheduled. Just like the boundaries for children give them a safe place the thrive. Schedules give us freedom to enjoy our families and not get so overwhelmed and stressed. I am far from perfecting my schedule that is why Glynnis your transparent blog is such an encouragement. Thank you for that. Ladies we are in this together. :)

  20. says


    I laughed at your line: “I’m working on releasing my need to control things, so feel free to do what you prefer.”

    Balancing grocery shopping is the hardest for me, since writing, serving a family, homeschooling, and ministry take up much of the other time. But this morning, we are off to buy milk and jeans for my son.

    Have a great week.

    jennifer Dougan

  21. says

    Feeling overwhelmed by all my responsibilities has been lifted somewhat by scheduling. I spend an hour or so at the end of each month looking ahead to the next month. I write down a list of monthly tasks and things to do. Then I break them down into weeks. At the start of each week, I look over my list to see if they can broken down into days. I feel much less overwhelmed and when I can cross something off my list, I feel like I have truly accomplished something.

  22. Carol Ledford says

    Schedules???? Try as I might, I can’t seem to get them to work too well. Of course I have scheduled my week around church activities and work, but my home schedule does suffer! I am fortunate though that my kids are grown and on their own (so to speak) so it is just my husband and myself at home in the evenings. My biggest problem with a schedule is at work. I am a loan closer and try as we might to set rules around here about scheduling…something always “comes up” and they add more or rearrange the schedule! I am thankful that God has given me an understanding heart!

  23. Lynn Bennett says

    I SO have some of those tea towels – embroidered by my grandmother and given to me for my hope chest!! I remember leading a women’s workshop and used them to be an example of how to order our weeks schedules. That seems like ages ago and I must admit that I have had my “organizational” ups and downs. I am in the midst of similar deadlines upon deadlines. Thanks for the reminder to make our lists, prioritize and then just “do the next thing.”!! Blessings to you and I will pray that the LORD would “Multiply our minutes”!!

  24. Tasha says

    Oh how I would love to be on a schedule…to be honest I think my heart resides back in the “old” days…(Historical Christian Fiction is my favorite!) Anyway, I think my heart resides 100 years ago but my mind resides in the future… Lord help me to determine my priorities and focus on You and Your plans for my life…and help me to organize a schedule! :)

  25. robin says

    I have the opposite problem, I am in a phase of my life where I have been feeling unproductive. Not enough “important” things to do. I made a master list of things I want to get accomplished just yesterday and for the first time in a while I felt so productive. Your blog was perfect timing for me to see more clearly how to focus. thanks

  26. Carol says

    I loved this article! I am a mother of three ages 8-21 and I work full-time. I volunteer for many charitable projects both at church and otherwise and try to stay involved with the childrens ministry at my church in an attempt to stay better connected with my children. I agree – our lives are a bit more hectic these days – we have the opportunity to do and learn and experience so much more than our grandparents did. I suppose with every gift comes a consequence however, hence the stress levels most of us are experiencing. There are days when I feel absolutely overwhelmed and helpless and I have to still myself and make lists and remember why I do the things that I am doing. And realize I am able to do what I do not because of anything I am doing but simply because God is allowing me to be a vessel for him. Thank you for your continued love and inspiration. Your sister in Christ. :)

  27. Cindy says

    Love your article. I actually help out an elderly couple every week and I am so blessed by it. I’m there on Wednesdays which for her is laundry day, bread baking day and grocery list making day. She is 90 and her husband is 97. They are amazing. She is so organized. I am learning so much from them as far as scheduling. I’m 45 and I hope to be like her when I grow up……”)

  28. Christe says

    “The best laid plans…” I had to laugh at the screen door because that is so how my weeks have been lately! I can’t get through my to do list to save my life. I remember those tea towels from when I was very little. I associated them with Little House on the Prairie but now that I see them in context it makes so much sense. I just need to designate a chore for each day and see how much I can accomplish. I love it and I loved your article in Roo. Thanks for sharing this with us today!

  29. Denise says

    I am a huge fan of schedules. I definitely think that learning to live more simply is key to contentment. Just because we “can” doesn’t mean we “should”. We definitely live in a generation that looks for the easy way to do things or a faster way. The only problem is that we want faster so we can do more. We are in transition in our home and I now find myself at home with our chronically ill/severely disabled daughter while the older two are in school, and I am finding that often I try to busy myself with more things to do. I am not signing up for more Bible studies, classes or things to like that. I am focusing on simpler things and choosing to let the Lord lead the direction He wants for me. That is so hard at times because so many choose to be busy.

    When the kids were younger I did have a schedule like you mention, now that the needs are different it has shifted and with the recent changes I am reworking what makes our house run smoothly.

    Love your posts..thank you for helping keep me grounded!!

  30. says

    I love the idea of routines…but I always seem to get so caught up in life I am just trying to keep my head above water! Recently, I “hired” my 17 year old daughter to help me keep up with what needs to be done simply because I never even seem to have time to update the calendar! I’m thinking today we might just have to carve out some “scheduling” time…only washing will have to happen everyday around here! LOL

  31. says

    I am a single mom of 2 very active teen daughters, ages 15 and 13. I work one full-time job and 2 part-time jobs and go to school full-time, as well. Needless to say, I couldn’t keep my sanity if I didn’t stick to a schedule. My oldest daughter is not naturally organized, so last year when she started HS (and the heavier work/HW load that goes with it), we created a Word doc with every hour of every day organized for her. This is how I’ve lived my life for years, and it has helped my daughter immensely! No more late or forgotten assignments.
    My problem is dealing with the unforeseen. If something throws me off schedule, I tend to panic. God has been growing me in this area the past couple of years.
    Thank you for your articles, Glynnis. You have been a blessing!

  32. Selina says

    Thank you so much! This definitely spoke to my heart this morning. I am a mother or 3 ages 3-11 who works 40 hours a week outside the home and who knows how many hours a week inside the home. I always feel like housework controls me and not the other way around. I am going to try this method this coming week and see how I can gain some control. Thank you!

  33. Nancy L. says

    You hit this nail on the head! Why do I sit in the staring/groan cycle? Really needed this today. Thanks much!

  34. Michelle says

    Thank you so much for sharing your life’s challenges and inspiring us to be better women! I totally understand organizing the books in order of size…and so on. I’m finding I have to re-prioritize what MY priorities are now that I too have five children ages 14-20. We became a blended family almost four years ago. When it was just me and my three (and they weren’t teens yet) it was so much easier to keep things the way I wanted them! It’s a daily struggle to give up some of my wishes for how I want things done and to be ok with not getting ‘everything’ done! Working full-time makes it even more challenging. (Not to mention I’m going back to school starting Monday!) At the end of the day though I hit my pillow exhausted but very thankful that they’re each home safe and for the blessings each of them are ~ in their own unique ways :)

  35. Andrea says

    With a full time job and part time ministry it seems there is never enough time in the week. I have cut back a few things that allow for respite in my schedule outside of the home. This is a great reminder for me of the need for a schedule at home. I used to do that when the kids were young and I had a job that I was always home Wednesday afternoon. I could get a lot done while hubby was at work and they were at school, and it didn’t take away from precious evening and Saturday time. Those were the days when I baked fresh bread every Wednesday while doing wash. Something I miss is doing the dishes together after dinner. It was a nightly task that didn’t take a lot of time and we talked (and sometimes had bubble or towel fights). It seems I have to ‘make time’ to empty the dishwasher, usually when there are no clean glasses left. So, good reminder and back to a schedule for me.

  36. Alonza says

    Recently widowed, I find that I can spend a lot of time just sitting, feeling lost and adrift. When I spend time in God’s Word, I then have a clearer mind and am able to list tasks and get them done. Being alone, it seems as if no schedule is needed, as there is no one to check on me. But I am NOT alone, the Lord is with me and is constantly overseeing my schedule. Thank you for your article. When I was raising my family, they disliked when I would sit down to get the daily, weekly, or monthly schedule down so we could all stay on track.
    God Bless.

  37. Debbie says

    First, I turn to God and ask Him to take away the anxiety. Then, I go to my account and plug in all the tasks I need to conquer, along with each deadline. Toodledo then tells me which task needs attention first.

    Someone once told me I need to list five things that have to get done each day. Five is too optimistic because, inevitably, “fires” need to be put out. I now write down two or three things that have to be done in a day. Then, when there is a call of desperation from a co-worker for an unscheduled task, I handle it in a much calmer manner.

  38. says

    Y’know I made up a schedule for myself as I try to go back to being a housewife…I made a great schedule – had flexibility, exercising time, and time for watching my favorite shows. I just can’t get motivated to do it. I keep spending my days watching tv or spending time on the computer. (If you were to look at my blog, you’d see there’s some reasons behind this.) But I hate that I can’t get motivated.

    While I was reading this post, I think I may have realized part of the problem (besides the mental health issues I’m having that I rant about in my blog). I have no “out of the house” time. I kept my schedule perfectly – with my work outs and everything – when I had a job. Unfortunately, getting out of the house is much more difficult when one doesn’t have access to a car. Still, I should figure out a way to do this.

    I wish I could just get the right mentality up to be a good housewife. I spent so many years unable to work due to illness that I just don’t know how to work.

  39. Julie says

    To this day, my 73 year old mom, still does EVERYTHING by a schedule. It hasn’t changed in years. There is a day for washing jeans, whites, colors, ironing, cleaning bathrooms, grocery shopping, etc. I know that I could benefit from a schedule like this, but I did not get that gene! I am a single mommy of two girls, 11 & 5. I feel overwhelmed most of the time. My only saving grace is that I have every other weekend to catch up on all that I’ve put off for two weeks. I TRY to make a to-do list to accomplish while they’re with their daddy. I love the feeling of crossing off things on that list. I take tid-bits of info from great ideas like this and try to put at least a little bit into action. Every little bit helps! Hopefully, my kiddos will be more organized than me when they grow up :)

    Thank you for your inspiration, Glynnis!

  40. Dori Cox says

    Yes, Glynnis, I think we would all benefit from using our Mothers, Grandmother’s or Great-Grandmother’s weekly schedules today. I was just thinking about all the things I have to do – just the rest of this week, and thought I should write them down so I would at least remember to do them!!! Scheduling is hard for me, also, I only have a 15 year old in the house, a boy, that is participating in school baseball. And his practice schedule changes every day, and games will start next week, so I’m trying not to schedule anything extra during the week that I don’t HAVE to do! Because I want to go watch his games!!! Thanks for your thoughts & words, they help alot!

  41. says

    You mean aside from the stare and groan routine? (By the way, mine has an added component = stare/groan for several times then walk away.) I do laundry Tuesdays (before DS2’s piano lesson) and Thursdays, then grocery shopping and wash linens on Fridays so I can relax on Saturdays and Sundays (ha!). I try.

  42. Leslie says

    I use the flylady system to get myself together.
    The greatest change I have made is in my thinking that “good enough” really is good enough when it comes to the home. We have simplified our living spaces, which means less to clean. I am a teacher, girl scout leader, sunday school teacher, in additiion to being a wife and mom to two daughters. I frequently use a timer set for 15 min. it is amazing what can be done in 15 min with no interruptions. I still really need to work on menu planning, I have used the once a month cooking method before. I need to get back to that. I love your blog Glynnis!

  43. says

    LOVE the tea towels! My sister and I embroidered these when we were children (a VERY long time ago!). We still think we are supposed to do these tasks on certain days (ha!).

  44. Patti says

    Thank you once again. It seems you always come up with the appropriate info at the appropriate time. I have committed to make 2012 my year of finally tackling my schedule and being intentional with my time. Because I work, my weekends were taken up with chores and I was resentful of my family for not wanting a clean house and things in their place the way I like it. I have learned to let go of some things (it’s a learning curve) like letting my dear daughter (14) “clean” her room without my “opinion” on the results, if she can live with it then I can live with (as long as the door stays closed-LOL). I am beginning to see a change with more time in my weekends for fun things, the project notebook is my life saver – best idea ever! Although my “schedule” is not perfect yet, at least I have a plan. Thank you so much for your blog, its nice to know those of us that are not naturally gifted in organization can actually make small changes that really do make our lives better.

  45. Amanda R. says

    I don’t have a schedule. At all. And I’m a stay at home mom of one preschooler. I have more time than most. But I don’t use it wisely. Like an earlier poster admitted, I get sucked into the lure of Pinterest and reading blogs. About 6 months ago I started “Sunday Sheet Day” in which I wash all the sheets on Sunday, which has since been moved to “Saturday Sheet Day” to try and respect a day of rest on Sunday. I have to say, that simple act of discipline has been nice. Pretty much no matter what happens, I faithfully wash the sheets every weekend. And it’s been rewarding to have that one task done every week with faith and discipline. Now I just need to apply other chores like mopping, dusting and vacuuming to such a schedule. I’ve seen a few on Pinterest that look quite manageable. I just need to chose one, print it out and get moving. Thanks for all your honest and insight on your blog. I really get so much from your writing.

  46. Heather P says

    I already posted at RooMag. I need to reread your 15 Day Clutter Challenge and do it, but tend to get sidetracked by all the other things I need to do. I am always open to learning new things. Thanks Glynnis!!

  47. Sue R says

    I like a weekly planner…so I can see what I need to do Wednesday or Thursday on Sunday when I put it together…I keep a running list of To Dos that I can plug in when I have the time…of course the Weekly Plan doesn’t work when on Tuesday you come down with a cold…that was not on my list…at least I can function a bit better today

  48. says

    Bless you as you try to schedule in the time to read all of these wonderful comments!!! LOL I’m with you Girl…it’s ALL about priorities, and not giving into the procrastination that my husband prefers! Challenging for sure.
    Thanks again for ALL the ways you encourage us to honor GOD by living abundantly!

  49. says

    Yes, Glynnis. I needed to see this today. I have a full calendar. Perhaps too full? To-do lists — for some reason I’m not as good at this as I used to be. Sigh. Please pray for me and with me. I still have to finish the Clutter-Free Challenge series… and read the “I Used to Be So Organized” book.

  50. Sherry says

    I keep a schedule of my chores, appointments, birthdays, etc in iCal. Everything is on it — laundry, vacuuming, exercising, reading, etc. Because I feel good being able to cross things off! I may not always get everything done every day, but I do most of it and give myself grace to move things around if need be.
    I also have a chore calendar for my two daughters. There are daily chores: reading, cleaning their rooms, etc and weekly: brushing the animals, dishwasher… Although they don’t always refer to it, I hope it will get them in the habit of making a schedule for themselves as they get older.

  51. says

    Well, you know, “I Used to Be So Organized,” that I too had my knick knacks displayed in such orderly fashion that I knew if someone had been in my room and moved something just an inch. I don’t think anyone I know believes this was once true of me.
    I think a lot about that list and scheduling my priorities, but my flesh rebels against my own will/need/desire to be organized, productive, and effective. Really, it’s (I’m!) so frustrating! I spend a lot of timing aimlessly wandering…in my thoughts, on the net. I’m newly inspired…gotta go!

  52. Harvest says

    I can relate so well to all the lists that need done and done now. Im a single mom of 5: ages 10-18 (2 chose to live with my ex, ages 17 & 18), Im a full time University student graduating in December-Lord willing, working part time and trying to build my home business so I can provide for my family. I am overwhelmed much of the time and it seems to only make things worse when I allow myself part of a day to be human and not robotic. I know my Lord is to be in control of all but I struggle with priorities and family and homework. I am encouraged that other women who REALLY know the demands of a large family as well as dedicated parenting (single or not) share their own frustrations. I hope to get a list done to organize around, with God’s help.

  53. Charity says

    I just read your article in an email I received. Might I take the boldness to suggest that your kids start doing their own laundry. I have 5 kids, ages 27 down to 14 1/2 right now and only 1 is still at home, but I had them start doing their own laundry a long time ago so now I only do my husbands and my own and the towels and bedding. When all of them were here at home, they each had their own laundry day where they had first choice to use the machines. It made my life easier and they learned responsibility early on.

  54. Mary M MN says

    Sorry–long winded tonight!

    I work part-time and have a family (hubby and 2 girls 10 and 8)….Since we were married for 14 years before children–I was used to “my” schedule and I have always been a list maker. For the past 8 years though–my time needs to be more flexible to allow for emotional fires that occur each day with our children. But this works for me:

    I love my planner from “Much to do about anything”—love the flexibility of writing it down–and drawing an arrow to the next day if I need to.

    Sunday: Lord’s day. Worship, Sunday School. Family brunch at home. Afternoons are nap time for mama or work in the yard on a great day. Reading time–or if in need, try to sort through “my pile” of things I was supposed to do during the week that I missed.

    Mondays: Laundry. Groceries after making the menu for the week. (I simplify my menu by having 20 go-to kid friendly fav meals. I always pick fast or crock pot ones for the 2 nights a week I work until 5). While the kids are in school–I also clean a bit–nothing dramatic–but tidy and vac. Counselor appts for children. A few hours of mom-helper arrives for emotional help with the girls in the evening — she helps play with them while I make dinner and do some things with one girl at a time.

    Tuesdays: Work a long day. Family meal is fast, but together at home.

    Wednesdays: Half day at work–then try to do “mom-time” at home for an hour or two before getting the children from school.

    Thur: Bible study day, counselor appt day, second laundry day for the week, and errands. More light cleaning–do bathrooms–check kid’s rooms for gross things growing (old stinky clothes, candy…)

    Fri: long day at work. Always–family movie night at home with a netflix and oven pizza. tradition! Easy–nice way to wind down with the children.

    Sat: Family fun day. We schedule loosely. Free play int he AM and Strive for something fun in the afternoon.


  55. says

    When I was younger, and had little ones, I could find ANYTHING, I could get EVERYTHING done. NOW that my kids are older and I have more time, I tend to procrastinate MORE. I get overwhelmed and spend more time searching for things and doing this at the last minute.

    I do manage to get to bible study, and church and womens functions and work ontime..hummm food for thought I guess.

  56. Amy says

    I LOVE order but I never seem to have any. i am a work from home mom. I do medical transcription for 3 doctors which pretty much is a full time job. I know though that I want to be a better me so I can accomplish what I need to do and serve my family without seeming like a basket case when my hubby walks in the door in the afternoon. Each day i want to have my quiet time with the Lord, exercise of some sort, accomplish my work and keep my house work/laundry up. That doesn’t seem like too much to ask for but I end each day and i feel so defeated. i haven’t accomplished anything except for what HAS to be done moment to moment. Any other work from home moms that have any ideas/suggestions (or any other moms for that matter :) Glynnis I LOVE your blog and your themes/ideas always seem so timely for me. Thank you!

  57. says

    Glynnis: Grace & peace to you too! I usually fly by the seat of my pants and Lord knows where that gets me!! Thank you. Though I never had a tea towel to remind me, I have friends like you to bring it into perspective.

    Can’t wait to catch up at She Speaks!

  58. Diane says

    I love receiving your emails. You are so much like me and I thank you for that.
    I have a family of six and I feel like we have so much in common.
    Trying to get everything done that you want to in a day is impossible especially when there is the unexpected.
    Thank you so much for your Grace and peace and I wish that back to you.
    I have that set of tea towels that you have shown and I tried to stick to that once, but it was impossible.
    Keep sending your wonderful emails, as they are a true inspiration and help me to start my day on the right track and remember to Trust in Lord for He is the path that we should follow daily.
    Thanks again so much

  59. says

    I am a list maker….and have recently come across an app for my phone that assists with this. My biggest problem tends to be that I have trouble working my plan, because my plan tends to be too big to get realistically done….I need to set more realistic goals for myself and cut myself some slack…:)

  60. Suzi says

    Love the tea towels, still have the ones my mom did although worn thin. Found a source for them a few years back & all the ladies in my family got them for Christmas.
    I use a schedule, 2 actually. I look @ the calendar & Daily planner Sunday’s afternoons. First I pray! Then If my week is quiet (ha ha) where I can devote a good part of the day to tasks then I use the days of the week schedule & do one big thing each day i.e. Desk Day(bookeeping/computer work/hubby’s billing/banking/phone calls); Out Day (errand/grocery shop/appointments/seeing friends); Clean & Organize Day ; Health & Beauty Day (dr. appts./fill prescriptions/do my nails & facial/have a date w/hubby; & Hobby Day (classes, gardening, sewing, scrapbooking, painting, decorating projects) that’s 5 days, I don’t schedule the weekends. This plan isn’t possible as often as I wish since the reality is our days are usually chopped up. Those wks I just break down the most important tasks and assign them to a day that wk. I do devotions & laundry first thing every day except Sunday & Meal Planning on Mondays. I have to exercise each day for a 30-60 mins. due to pain problems & start my dinner right after breakfast even if it just defrosting meat or washing the lettuce. Otherwise time gets away from me & dinner time becomes a panic. When kids were home I would set the dinner table when I emptied the dishwasher.

  61. Phyllis says

    I am a “Lister”. And I used to be so organized!! I raised two children alone for almost 10 years. During that time I had a schedule for housework and a schedule for meals. It worked beautifully. Add a new husband (who really does help out around the house), and my scheduling seems to have taken a back seat! I can’t seem to get back to the routine I had before, and it is very discouraging. I would rather spend time with him, even if it’s in front of the TV or out in the yard, than getting my lists completed. The children are grown, and my priorities have changed. If the house is picked up, and there is something I can throw together for dinner, then that’s what I do. Trouble is, the house isn’t always picked up, and dinner is never as easy as throwing something together!! I need to get back to my scheduling! Thanks for the article! I enjoy reading your work.

  62. says

    Wow, I feel so much better now. There were days that required me to have a perfect memory, especially when I was a principal of a private school. Today I am just a teacher and feel I left my memory somewhere in another city! I heavily rely on writing down, yet have not found the best method for me. Thank you for your post today! I’m sure this will help. What was it that you were talking about again?? Just kidding….

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