Why am I never tempted by good things?

Before I share some thoughts for today, I wanted to mention that my friend Melissa Taylor is leading an online Bible study using my book, “I Used to Be So Organized.”  It starts May 27th so there’s plenty of time to sign up.  I was just on her site and realized she’s doing a give-away of my book today too!  There are some requirements to win, including leaving a comment here.  So I’d encourage you to open a new tab and visit www.MelissaTaylor.org.

Now some thoughts for anyone who struggles with weight loss like me.

After a few months of consistent weight loss, I hit a plateau.  Let me just say that at this season of life, my plateaus aren’t even flat anymore.  It’s more a boomerang affect when it comes to weight loss, with the threat to be right back where I was five months ago looming big.

I’ve been thinking about ways to get motivated again.  One thing is to get back into the habit of making a menu plan for the week, including lunches.  When I don’t have a plan I scrounge … and all those extra bites add up fast.

I’ve also dropped a lot of carb-loaded side dishes from my menu.  The really hard thing about getting “more mature in years” is that the amount of food I used to eat to maintain my weight, now makes me gain!  It’s completely unfair.

The other thought that hit me this week is I’m never tempted by good things.

French fries, donuts, cheese crisps, and brownies tempt me.  Bites of my kids’ Chipotle burritos and Taco Bell Crunchwrap Supremes tempt me.   Sitting on the couch vegging (not with veggies) tempts me.

I’ve never found myself just about to eat a cheeseburger  and onion rings and think “Boy howdie, I wish I had a salad with low-fat dressing!”

No!  I’m tempted by what’s not healthy for me.  That’s the nature of temptation.

So this week I’ve repeated a Bible verse when I want to give in. 1 Corinthians 10:13:

“No temptation has overtaken you except what is common to mankind. And God is faithful; he will not let you be tempted beyond what you can bear. But when you are tempted, he will also provide a way out so that you can endure it.” (NIV)

Yesterday when I bought my daughter and her friends McDonald’s food before a dance practice (yes, I know there are all kinds of things wrong with that!)  But, (happy thoughts!) I did not eat one french fry as I recited that verse in my head.   I also wrote it on a 3×5 card and taped it to my refrigerator.

I know God’s Word is powerful.  My problem is I depend too much on my own strength.

Temptation to do what’s not best for me happens every day.  It happens when I choose to avoid working on a difficult task and choose something mindless.  It happens when I short-cut putting away clothes and pile them on the counter.

The temptation to do the easy thing happens daily.  But no temptation has overtaken me … God is faithful … He provides a way …

I’m looking for some inspiration to get back on track.  If you’ve got an idea, please post a comment.  If you are here from Melissa’s blog, you can just let me know you are doing the online study.  Either way, I’d love to hear from you today.

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Grace & Peace,






  1. says

    I am so looking forward to this study!!! I so need this more than anyone knows!!! Thank you for writing this book. Can’t wait to start reading it next week :)

  2. Kelly says

    Thanks, Glynnis, for writing your book on organization, I am coming over from Melissa’s blog. You are so right about age/weight/plateau thing. Motivation is something I am looking for too these days….it’s a constant struggle to stay away from the junk/fast foods! I will keep you in my prayers about it all!
    Have a good day!

    • Sharon says

      Coming over from Melissa’s online study
      Thanks for writing you book on Organizing
      Looking forward to going the study and to declutter my life!!!!

    • Esther says

      I am going to do the study with Melissa and really work to apply it to my life and my home. Thanks for writing this book.

  3. Jen says

    Hi – I came on over from Melissa’s study. I am looking forward to reading your book. God is really workin on me:) Have some tough stuff at work I need to face and unfortunately the temptation to work on easy things is not helping me….

  4. says

    sister I am right there with you!!! Our greatest nemesis knows our weakest spots and he is SOOOOO good at using them! For the longest time I swore Little Debbie was from the devil! Seriously, you could walk in anywhere and pick up a little snack for a quarter (telling my age there!) and there wasn’t a healthy food in sight! ‘No fair’ the gal in me who wanted so bad to live healthy would scream! I use a different verse, simply because I hate telling myself ‘no’. 1 Cor. 10:23 says, “‘Everything is permissible’–but not everything is beneficial. “Everything is permissible”–but not everything is constructive”.
    My version: Sure, you can have that little bit of chocolate decadence right now, but in the long run that little 1 ounce treat that you can’t ever stop at just one of is just gonna end up making you feel bad for eating it and you’re gonna have to walk about 1.5 miles to burn off the calories!
    Honestly, sometimes I cave, and when I do more often than not I don’t go for a walk afterwards. So, not really helpful to you but I wanted you to know you aren’t alone in this. Oh, and I am doing the study with Melissa too. Maybe I can burn some extra calories in my efforts to reclaim organization!

  5. says

    As far as being tempted by food, I am too. I am stuck at work from 8-5. So I try to bring healthy foods with me and eat a little bit every few hours. Like apples,rice cakes,peanut butter,grapes.

    Good luck!


  6. Kim Smith says

    Glynnis – I’ve been following you since your decluttering series, which I must say I’m still working on :) Thanks again for sharing your life with us. Reminds us all that God is still on His throne in ALL situations! Hangeth thou in there!

    • meswen says

      I also have been here since her clutter series maybe even a little before? I agree with you Kim, love her blog and tips,plus I’m still working on that as well, thank goodness I’m not the only one. Hang in there Glynnis, your not alone!!

  7. Danielle Christy says

    Thank you for writing your organization book. I absolutely love all of your blog posts and studies. I signed up for the study on your book too!

  8. Terri F says

    Ask yourself the question: “Am I going to look back and say I’m glad I did that”. If the answer is no, don’t do it. Strive to only do things that you wlll feel good about having done. Once you get it started it’s a wave that you won’t want to end.

  9. Denise says

    Thanks, Glynnis :0) When I start the day exercising, it can be anything, walking around the block, doing a few sets of crunches, or a full-on workout, it is a huge motivator for making those healthful decisions.
    Since consistency is a huge issue with me, I have found that my kids are my biggest cheerleaders and love to see me exercising. I have made myself accountable to them. (They love the opportunity to boss me) They ask me if I’ve exercised, or invite me outside for a quick bike ride around the block. I’m trying to come up with a game or something for them to help me get out of bed before hitting snooze 6 times. Any ideas for that one? :) I will be praying for you.

  10. tonia says

    As we gert older 51 we add about 5 extra lbs a year if we are not careful. I think if we keep fresh veggies, sliced grilled chicken, nuts and berries we can much to our content. Everyone loves a fresh salad with everything thrown in at a restuarant ($15) at home its just as delicious and cost effective. Dip your fork in the dressing instead of dousing your salad. It works. Good eating.

  11. Linda says

    Glynnis, I struggle with this thought all the time. I am so grateful for your verse you’ve posted. Seems if we go with the easy road, it’s always the wrong choice, the good ones take so much self determination (like exercising, cleaning the house, & yes – eating the right food) yet after the fact there is such a feeling that never accompanies the easy road. I finally came to the conclusion that God always wants his way to be a concious choice. He wants us to choose him over anything else. Satan on the other hand will take us anyway he can get us, tempting us, trying to distract us from our good intentions. All those addictions of life that put those hooks into all of us, a hook here, a hook there & then he starts realing us in. God doesn’t have hooks on anything, he just wants us to come back to him daily because we trust he is all we need. (sorry, I got long winded).

  12. says

    Oh Glynnis… thanks so much for your honesty today about that platteau effect and the fact that I am never tempted with good things. I’m right there with ya, girl. Sweet blessings to you!

  13. germaine F says

    I so needed this today. Especially the scripture. Thank you so much for being obedient to calls calling:)

  14. Elizabeth says

    I too am at the age of eating what I used to now makes me gain weight! One of the things I have to do to keep from being tempted, is “keep busy”. If I am not by the panty/fridge; I can’t eat. When I am feeling weak or craving something, I try to position myself AWAY from it. I have been meal planning and prepping meals at a time when I am not ‘starving’–it helps to have others with me (kids, husband, friends) during the ‘temptation’. However, I think the greatest success is using scripture–I am very familiar with the verse you quoted. God Bless!

  15. Monica says

    I don’t know if it’s “inspirational” but I know what you’re going through, and I’ll tell you what helps me. The problem is really pretty complicated, with temptation being just one of the problems to overcome. Yes, eating things that are bad for you will cause weight gain, but as you said, the foods you used to eat affect you differently now – so obviously you’re not 100% certain what your body is doing with the food you eat. Lack of knowledge or lack of perspective can be just as detrimental as lack of willpower. For one thing, you probably don’t REALLY know how many calories you’re eating unless you track it meticulously (My Fitness Pal is an incredible free app with so many features – it’s a pain, but I try to track everything.) Secondly, unless you’ve been tested, you probably don’t know how many calories you burn daily. Remember when we used to hear 2,000 calories a day was a healthy diet? Imagine my surprise when a body composition analysis told me that my base metabolic rate was just 1300 calories. So, unless I exercise (which, I do “some days”), pretty much anything over 1300 is going to cause me to gain weight. 1300 calories is, like, a piece of cheesecake…forget the actual NOURISHMENT I need each day. So, whenever I am tempted to eat that piece of cheesecake, I reach for my phone, open up My Fitness Pal and put in the information….then I think long and hard before I hit the “add” button to include it as a food I’ve actually eaten today. It’s amazing how seeing that number can affect the choices you make. While I do still give in sometimes, I have a better perspective on just exactly how this decision impacts my diet. It’s not just, “Oh, I’ll eat this piece of cheesecake…I’ve already wrecked my diet for the day.” Now I think, “I’ve already done so much damage to my diet today…eating this cheesecake will put me ANOTHER 1300 calories behind.” And if you hate exercise, you can track that too and add a whole new persepctive, such as, “I would have to run a half marathon to burn off the calories accumulated by eating this cheesecake.” Best of luck to you! You can do it :)

  16. Crystal says

    As I am now in the latter half of my 40’s, it has become clear that I can no longer afford the dietary and exercise indiscretions. I was at a plateau early in the new year, but then injured my foot, which made the daily 3 mile walks impossible! This equaled a 5 pound weight gain over the course of winter. I have lost the 5 pounds over the last few weeks, but wouldn’t recommend the method used to do it, which is being thrust into the center of a very stressful family situation that made the desire to eat quite minimal. Running on stress and adrenaline always causes me to temporarily lose weight. While I would be quite happy to not re-gain this weight, it also gave me a bit of a jump start. I am just getting to the point where I can begin to exercise a bit, so am up to 1 mile walks several days a week. I have also committed to having dessert only once a week and really concentrating on portion control. For example, using a salad plate instead of a dinner plate and making 3/4 of the plate low-carb vegetables is a help. Not that I never have a baked potato, but I will choose a smallish one and then still cut it in half. Some other thin family member will gladly take the other half. Drink lots of water, and NO sodas.
    One other motivator is the desire to be healthy for the long term. I had my youngest child at age 40, and I want to be around and healthy for her just as much as I was for the child I had at age 26. Choice between prime rib and fish or chicken? Stop and think – which choice will help me to stick around for the sake of my children who need their mom? When I think of it like that, it’s still hard, but not AS hard. :)

  17. Karen says

    WOW! That is exactly what I have been struggling with! WEIGHT! I am so not happy about how I need less food the older I get…just to maintain. And to loose is really tough! Thank you so much for 1 Corinthians 10:13…it is now written in the very front of my Bible! And on a recipe card taped to my frig!! Wonderful words to live by!

  18. Lynnette says

    I am so looking forward to the study of your book. You spoke to us Summit Sisters last weekend and it was awesome. Thank you for your perspective and sharing your experiences and faith with us.

  19. says

    I know I should be able to say something encouraging, but I cannot. I still have work out for myself why I cannot live by 1 Corinthians 10:13. For most of my life I make that verse guide me and keep me from temptation, EXCEPT for my weight. I have thrown in the towel. At 61 I just can’t do this any more.

    I went to my family and said to them, “look at me, this is the way I look, deal with it!” Sorry to be so negative. Fortunately, for the rest of my life I succeed in living by 1 Corinthians 10:13 most of the time,not always – I am still human, but I put the failures behind me and move on. Of course, my bipolar is not making it any easier. Sorry again, I’ll stop now!

    • Kayren says

      Magriet, thank you for sharing where you are today. You have reminded us that God did not make us cookie cutter shapes. We all have our own unique shape and size that is pleasing to Him. I found that stressing about my weight was not helping. I hid my scales and concentrated on making healthy choices when possible. Smaller meal portions, raw veggies when I felt like it, one bite of dessert(or two), parking at the end of the parking lot. When I”m really craving something I tell myself I’m too busy(or full) to really enjoy it now and put it off till later. Sometimes later doesn’t come. Other times the first or second bite and I realize I didn’t really want the food. Just the idea of the food. Praying for you to pick that towel back up. God wants us to be healthy. Not skinny. Blessings to you!

  20. Kristi S says

    Glynnis. Thank you so much for your blog today. And, I have to say that I’m also looking forward to the online study of your book. I think your post and the title of your book “I Used to be So Organized,” are interrelated for me today. Organization has been my nemesis where it used to be my joy. And, it’s all about the habits that we create and often deviate from over time. My temptation is to avoid those items which make me feel uncomfortable. I think that also includes the fact that I have to make a to-do list now to organize my to-do lists. It’s so frustrating for me. So, I’m truly looking forward to this study and thank you for posting about the “little” temptations in our lives. I needed to hear that today. God bless!

  21. says

    I’ve been reading Lysa’s devotional book, Made to Crave, and she has given me encouragement to make healthier choices in foods that I select, in words that I read, in how I spend my time, etc. All the little decisions that we make each day form our days, our weeks, our lives. To quote Anne Graham Lotz, “On that day, what will you wish you had done on this day?” I cannot be an appropriate representative for God if I make unhealthy choices for the life and the body He has given me to use for Him on this earth. Love and Blessings! – Julie (a/k/a “Fluff”)

  22. Chris R says

    Thank you for such an amazing book! I haven’t read it yet, but I know it will be fabulous when I finally do.

  23. Heather P says

    Glynnis: I have been following you since January’s clutter challenge. I am signing up for the study with Melissa and would enjoy your book.
    You are right, though. The things that tempt are not necessarily the things that are good for us.

  24. Amber says

    Hi Glynnis I have been following you since January and the clutter challenge as well. I have so enojoyed your blog and thank you for introducing me to so many other great blogs. Including Melissa’s I would love to win your book and would love to do a Bible study as well. Thanks again for all your encouraging words.

  25. kay says

    Hi, 2 things, Thank you for todays post. I have gained 3 lbs back after loosing 125 lbs. i needed this as a reminder not to back slide. the other is I am looking forward to the study with Melissa. I want to get my life( Body, Mind, & Spirit)in as good shape as i have been getting my body

  26. Deb V says

    Glynnis, I am looking forward to studying your book with Melissa. I have trouble being tempted by the wrong things also. Thank you for sharing your struggles with us. I hope you keep writing on the subject. I would be interested in reading what you have to say.

  27. says

    Glynnis, here’s a little something to motivate you, I know it works for me. You know that little piece of clothing you really want to get into, but can’t quite wear yet (in public anyway). For me it’s my two piece bathing suit, not a bikini, but two pieces that lets my tummy show. Well, I wear it around the house, when nobody else is home, and do my housework. It will either scare you away from those brownies or motivate you to eat a salad. Love and many Blessings!!!!

  28. Tamara says

    Thanks for being so real and honest and writing a book that most of us women can relate to and use! Can’t wait to do the study!!! Your emails brighten my spirit everyday!

  29. Amanda G says

    Wow thanks for the blog post! I came from Melissa’s blog and am so thankful for you writing the book and can not wait to lead a group of ladies in the study. As far as encouragement I get a lot of encouragement from following ” recipes for gals in figure and bodybuilding” I am not in either of those but she posts so much amazing inspirational quotes and tidbits I love it. Plus, she also posts some healthy recipes check it it. And last I would love to share words my sister sent to me today: : I also know that you must want Something bad enough to make it happen, and sometimes you have bigger priorities…. So I’m here & ready to push ya, when your ready. But just remember: this is your year sis…. You gotta make it happen. You gotta want it bad enough. 😉 There will always be sports, events, activities: your a mother of 3 kids. There will alwayssssss be housework to do: your a wife and mother. It is a given and won’t pause for you. But your wellness and being healthy. That won’t always just be there. You must pause and tend to it. Hope this encouraged you like it did me :)

  30. says

    Thank you so much for writing this book. I am planning on doing the Bible Study with Melissa Taylor in May and am so looking forward to it. Praying God will use this book to speak to me in words I definitely need to hear. Thank you!

  31. Elaine says

    You are so wise. I had never thought about not being tempted by good foods. It’s so hard to try to keep the pounds off. I love the Bible verse you suggested, and I know if I keep that in mind, it will certainly help. Thanks so much. I don’t weigh myself very often, but found out in March that I had lost 9 lbs. since June. I was delighted, but ever since finding out about my weight loss, I have given in to more munchies. Yikes. Now, I’m trying to eat just three dark chocolate covered raisins per day when I crave sweets. It helps quite a bit.

  32. Nadia says

    I’m was so excited to learn that Melissa is doing a bible study using your book! I’m very intrigued and need help! Your books title is so me…. I use to be so organized even after having twins, but somehow with life’s changes and a third child I’ve become less organized and forgetful. I’m also homeschooling so I definitely can use some more organization for my sanity and some extra time!! Looking forward to the bible study! Yay!!

  33. Denise says

    Motivation to lose weight (at least get started!) is what I need most. Thank you for the verse. I plan on writing it down and carrying it with me and posting it where I can see it.

  34. Ruth Welch says

    I bought your book a few months ago and love it! Can’t wait to start the study with Melissa. I’m encouraging all my friends to sign up for it. It’s made my life SO much easier. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and ideas with us. I especially enjoy the way you tie everyday things to God’s Word. It really puts things in perspective.

  35. Cathy says

    I know what you mean about choosing good. It is a discipline like organizing. You are on the right track about planning meals. I would recommend planning exercise too and pick something you like to do. It helps me to journal how I feel after working out versus when I don’t. I get up crazy early to have quiet time and then exercise before kids need me (one goes to school and the other is homeschooled). I often feel crazy for being up early. However, when I miss it several days in a row— I don’t feel good. It is good to experience the difference as it helps me see why I get up so early. That means going to bed early which isn’t always easy. Grace is good for the times that life interrupts our schedules. Hang in there!

  36. Lori says

    Amen sister! And the things that tempt us need not be food. Shopping, internet, gossiping…anything that keeps us from following Him!

  37. Lisa says

    I have not read your book yet, but the title “I Used to Be So Organized” describes where I am in my life today. God’s words are so very powerful agaisnt temptations. Why, oh why is it that there are times I try it alone? ~No temptation has overtaken me except what is common to mankind. And God is faithful; He will not let me be tempted beyond what I can bear. But when I am tempted, He will also provide a way out so that I can endure it.~

  38. Jessica says

    I wanted to thank you for writing this book and thank Melissa for doing the study. I am so looking forward to it.

  39. Sue McBride says

    What a great encouragement today as I am battling the urge to return to our regular “pizza & wings Friday night dinner”! I, too, am reading Lysa’s book “Made to Crave”, and it is AMAZING!. The verse I’ve taken from it that helps me the most is “Do not destroy the work of God for the sake of food.” I can’t explain it, but when I am obedient in the food choices I make, I have a greater sense of God at work in ALL areas of my life and ministry.
    LOVE your book!

  40. Diane says

    The thing that has helped me the most for the last 20+ years is to be informed about what the unhealthy food does to the inside of our bodies. It doesn’t just make the outside bigger! It causes our God-given temple to be under stress and not function at optimal levels…causing all kinds of illnesses and disease…certainly not what God intended. When we eat the food that God put on this earth for our nutrition and pleasure (fruits, veggies, whole grains, fish, some meat, dairy and eggs), we honor him and our bodies. And as an added benefit, we look and feel great! Prayers, Glynnis.

  41. Ann : ) says

    I’m fighting that battle too and have been for some time. 6″ plate helps me instead of a larger plate. Nothing is off limits — make it a taste to enjoy. Exercise, Walk, walk … Sometimes I really crave dark chocolate– at the end of the day 1 tablespoon of dark chocolate is a treat. Sometimes but not more than once a week is “blow it day”. It helps but just have to keep on. D I E T = Do I Eat This : )

  42. Beth says

    I would love to read your book I Used To Be So Organized. I’ve subscribed to your blog this year & enjoyed the Decluttering series you wrote. I need all the help I can get!

  43. Linda R says

    I joined you in your decluttering study. Thank you for sharing your humble insights. I have read many articles and books about organizing (most of them touting the cute baskets, folders, etc) but you helped me focus on some of the “heart of the matter” elements. I am equipped and making good progress!! Heart-felt thanks!!

  44. meswen says

    I have been following since your 21day clutter series and its still a work in progress by the way, but its been such a joy along the way. Thanks for sharing your life tips with us, just wen I think I’m alone or need encouragement you hit me in perfect timing with encouragement. Thank you for that!

    In his hands,

  45. Lori Ann says

    Hi Glynnis!
    I, too, have packed on some unwanted pounds in the past few years. I am a tall gal (nearly 6 foot) and carry my weight a little differently than most, but it is there and I know it’s there!! I often am sabatoged by well meaning friends who say “you don’t need to lose weight”, but I need to lose this excess before it becomes even more excess and becomes out of control excess! “Diet” is a bad word in our home because I have a daughter who is recovering from anorexia. The truth is, eathing healthy is tricky no matter what you call it. I am sort of in a “lose – lose”(no pun intended) situation here because I want to keep a healthy/happy weight as I age–and as a good example for my daughter, but also have to do it very carefully, without jeopradizing her recovery progress. We both need to be free of the temptations that hit us at our weakest points.

    P.S. I think I will hop on over to Melissa now and get signed up for her online study ’cause I can use a little organization too!

  46. Suzi says

    I would like to read the book and do the study because so much of what you write is applicable and worthy of today’s busy women’s time. As far as the weight…I hear that! Menu planning is key, then shopping for the ingredients and (hardest part for me) actually preparing the foods! Several months ago I bought 5 Dollar store baskets and labeled them mon-fri. On Tuesday I plan my meals & place the ingrediants for each dinner meal, along w/recipe or cookbook in that night’s basket. Sometimes I even measure out the flour, etc. It takes a couple hrs to plan and prep the weekday meals but I am actually getting them made and on the table much better than before.
    Thank you Suzi pblapere@ att.net

  47. KAY PARRISH says


    • KAY PARRISH says



  48. says

    I need this bible study but I really need your book first. I hope I win! I feel the same way you do. I am disciplined for a few days and then it’s just one little snack bite that is my great downfall.

    We were made to crave. If only I craved Jesus instead of the rice krispie treats I made today and the frozen pizza for my children’s dinner.

    There is a nice salad in the frig. But it never winks at me. The leftover potato skins, now they are winking.

  49. Tami says

    I’m with you Glynnis! I struggle with grazing all day until dinner. My trick is to brush my teeth every time I eat something! It prevents me from wanting to lose the minty taste in my mouth and makes me think twice about my decision of taking a bite here and there. Try it and see what you think. Hope that helps!

  50. Angie W. says

    Thank you so much for writing such a wonderful book on Organization. I ordered my copy today and can’t wait to get it in and get started reading it. I’m looking forward to the bible study using your book!! Thanks again and God Bless!!

  51. Michelle says


    Thank you for writing an Amazing book on Organization. This is very ironic I found your book at Mardel Bookstore I was going to buy it and read it anyway because you a mentioned in a Devotional I had read from Proverb 31 Ministries. Then one of the online leaders had asked what the next study was and they mention your book I Used to Be So Organized. I thought it was ironic that I had bought your book not knowing what the next study was going to be. I am looking forward to this study because I do need organization in my life and in my 3yr olds life as well.

    God Bless!

  52. says

    Hi Glynnis! Thank you for your msg. I too have hit that stage in my life where I can’t eat what I want anymore. & I actually think, twisted or not, that I am placed in this position to truly empathize with others in my life. It is no longer a ‘Super Power’. 😉
    I viewed Melissa’s blog & I’m hoping to join her online study of your book. I really need to read your book!

  53. says

    Hi there,
    What a timely message! My Bible study group is taking on a condensed version of Jen Hatmaker’s challenge from her book 7: an experimental mutiny against excess. The premise is, where we decrease, God increases. Where we simplify, there is more room for God. We will take on 7 areas of life and reduce them down to 7 only. This week we all reduced our food to only seven things. Seven foods only for 7 days. For me, that means I spend Day 1 & 2 in the migraine fog of no caffeine! It’s been boring and feeling deprived makes me feel grouchy. I know I should drink more water, but honestly, ordering a large water with ice at Sonic, instead of my usual Diet Coke, makes me want to bawl. I DON’T WANT WATER!! But, I need water. I should drink more water. I would be healthier if I only drank water! Half the people in the world would give anything for safe, clean drinking water. Thanks for your message. It’s speaking to me. I will share with my ladies!

  54. kim johnston says

    I am visiting from Melissa’s blog. I read your post a lot and am looking forward to your book. I have a hard time with being organized because of a chronic illness, but would love a Christian perspective on how to handle it. As always, I look forward to your blog post and encouragement:)

  55. Kim Volk says

    I can totally relate to your book titled “I used to be so organized.” Thanks for writing the book because its helps me when others share areas in their life that ain’t what it used to be or what we think we ought to be. I have realy enjoyed all your posts on getting organized and have been putting some of the ideas in practice. So thanks!

  56. Denise says

    I am RIGHT THERE with you on that plateau. I’ve been on it for 6 months. I lose a few, then gain a few, then lose a few, then gain a few, then I don’t step on the scale for weeks and WHAM – I’m up 10-12. I got there by reading a “tip” that said when you hit a plateau, try uping your calories 10% and doing less. I think I took it a bit to the extreme, but I digress. Anymore, when tempted by something that isn’t good for me that will put me over my calorie limit, I figure out how long I will have to exercise to burn those extra calories, determine if I have the time to burn those calories, then weigh in how much I really want to put in the extra exercise and how badly i want my item. Some days it IS worth it for those Peanutbutter M&M’s … but most day’s it’s not.

  57. Melanie says

    Weight. It’s a doozie of a topic! I struggle too and remember in the not so distant past when it wasn’t an issue for me. ugh!!! Thanks for your encouragement :) My favorite ways to battle the temptation to chew/snack/munch include 1) chew sugarless gum, 2) drink a big glass of water, 3) get up and MOVE – walk outside for a few minutes if possible. And sometimes there is no substitute for a square of dark chocolate. Best of luck to you and thanks for the motivation!!!

  58. Cheryl B says

    I am struggling with the same thing. It seems everytime I am on track and progressing wonderfully, something always happens to sidetrack me. Like this last year. I was doing bootcamp and loving it. Someone rear ended me while he was texting, he was in a large truck and we were in a compact car. It messed up my neck and back. It will be year in June and I have had 15 pounds creep back on and I do not see an end. I am searching for that motivation now!

  59. Carol Bruntlett says

    Hi I am coming over here from Melissa blog
    I know the whole weight thing when your body reaches a certain age
    What I do to try and stay in shape is I do Zumba on the Nintendo Wii and I try to get out on my paddle bike when it’s not to hot and ride about 45 minutes. My biggest downfall is cokes but I really need to stop drinking them and every once in a while I like sweets .
    So if I can motivate myself more maybe I would stop making bad choices and drink water and tea
    Thank you for writing your book looking forward to the study

  60. Joyce says

    I just recently found Proverbs 31 ministries and have been so richly blessed. I plan to do the organizational study. I am needy in more than one area. Thank you all so much for what you are doing.

  61. Dee C. says

    I’m with ya sista! I am almost 50 and just ran my first 5K in 30 years. I did it with my 18 year old daughter. That’s my secret, accountablility. Small decisions, one at a time and having to answer to the training log. Now, if we want that apple pie from McDonald’s, we walk or run there. It’s one mile there and one mile back…and we only bring one dollar so it limits our options.

  62. says

    I think the more cluttered my life is, the less I even retro eat healthy. when you can’t find a clean bowl and spoon to eat the healthy cereal, it’s so easy to just grab a bag of poptarts instead. Thanks for writing the book. I’m in desperate need of Melissa’s study with it.

  63. Diane says

    I am being intrigued by your book, and I think I would like to sign up for the Bible study. Thank you for your e-mails. I appreciate reading them, every one. I really need to keep my focus on Jesus, and daily devotionals help me to do just that! You are appreciated.

  64. Donna B says

    Love your blog design!!! And can’t wait to get started on your book and Melissa’s study. I need a miracle on the organization stuff … not just the material stuff, but more on the brain stuff …. it never shuts down …therefore it’s never organized. So ready for a brain dump so I can get my thoughts in some kind of order other than scattered.

  65. kmommy6 says

    Planning ( and looking forward) to reading your book and participating in the online study…funny how the title is so ‘me’…I USED to be so organized…among other things like calm, prepared, thin, energetic…how many books could you write with the USED to be in the title? Haha!

  66. Tracey says

    (coming from Melissa’s blog)Oh Glynnis.. THANKS.. i love it when women share and are so transparent with so many! This has blessed me and I am really looking forward to your book/study!! God bless you!!

  67. jackie s says

    ahhh – hysterectomy – gained 25 pounds – turned 50 – and still want my M&M’s! i pray (not enough) and i just don’t buy the stuff that will get me in trouble.
    my mom gave me chocolate covered raisins for my birthday – so i gave them to my daughter to keep at her house and i only eat them on weekends.

  68. Judy James says

    Menopause…turned 55….grandchildren living in the house with us…etc, etc, etc. One thing that keeps me focused is a journal; of everything I eat, bible verses that come to mind during the day, written prayers and how I rewarded myself for the good choices I’ve made – a new lipstick, a hot relaxing bath, one miniature reeses cup or 3 peanut m&ms melting slowly….very, very slowly. (I want that to last as long as possible. lol)

  69. Kris A says

    I have been using http://www.MyFitnessPal.com and have been logging all my food for 45 days in a row now. It has been great working together with friends keeping me accountable and even weighing in at a friends house. I am actually looking forward to weighing in this morning. As of last week I have lost 11 lbs in 5 weeks. All by the grace that God so abundantly gives.

  70. says

    Glynnis—I’m so excited to start studying your book with Melissa Taylor! This is not going to shock you at all, but I do so much better on weight loss when I’m organized! Especially my kitchen! And my calendar! If I can keep those two things organized, I do well on my journey. As far as helping you get motivated again, I encourage you to look at the Go To Scripts in the back of Made to Crave and find one that really speaks to you. (Isn’t that funny, I’m referring you right back to P31?!?) I have a LONG LONG weight loss journey to go (still about 200 lbs to lose) and when I feel off track I just pick that book up and start at the go to scripts and also, every single Bible verse in that book is highlighted in my Bible…so I find one or two that will really help me out too!!! I’ll be cheering you on girl! :)

  71. Mary Clifford says

    Love the cover of your new book! I’m going to do my best to do this study! I thrive on being organized (I’m a third grade teacher), but many mornings I find myself leaving my house looking much like the fashionista on the cover of your book! : )

  72. Jen Sample says

    Thank you so much for being an inspiration to women and showing us the importance of getting clear and being with God!

  73. Melissa R says

    Thank you Glynnis for this wonderful and honest blog. I also find myself faced with little temptations all the time, whether it is food or housework, etc. The bible verse you repeat to help you not to give in is a great one and I will be writing it on a notecard as well. Thanks!

  74. Kathleen says

    Will your book address how to be organized when you live with others who refuse to be organized? :( Look forward to seeing how I can also improve. I agree with a previous comment that there are many adjectives we could use in place of organized. :)

  75. Marilyn Lefholz says

    I have just come from Melissa’s blog — both of your sites are new to me, but I plan on following both of you. I am anxious to look into your book and if I can, will plan on the Bible study. Thanks

  76. Lori Story says

    I also struggle with weight loss and my husband has lost 55 lbs in the last year. Your words encourage me! Thank you! I am really excited about the bible study using your book. I will be ordering mine on Monday.

  77. Lynda Parker says

    Thank you for writing a wonderful book! I can’t wait to start this study with Melissa! I really need this one! I have absolutely been LOVING these studies!!

  78. says

    Thank you for the inspiration through your wonderful book. I am looking forward to this study and want to devote more time to organize my life. I need this especially at this time in my life. Thanks for being so helpful and honest.

    • says

      such a comfort eater. I also am in desperate need of an organized life and would LOVE to do the study if possible!

      sorry for the broken up response- my computer got “send happy”

  79. Becky says

    Glynnis, I am so glad I read Melissa’s blog today. I need this bible study and really appreciate your writing this book. I would love to have a copy of it, since I did your online Declutter Your Life study. This study is coming at the perfect time as I need to once again get back to decluttering. I implemented a few of the things I learned earlier this year and they seem to be making a difference. I just need to step up and add a few more!

  80. amy burson says

    I need this book so much!!!!!! Im facing a mighty struggle with my job home and personal life—and I will be joining this study if possible!

  81. Ashley says

    I don’t know what you’re talking about Glynnis, I’m temped by good things ALL the time….they’re just covered in chocolate and nutella ;). I very much enjoyed your series the beginning of the year on organization! I’m an organized nut job myself and all my friends come to me looking for inspiration and advice. I use to not have any for them, I was just born OCD :). But after reading through your series, I gained insight into why it is important to be organized and in control of the ‘stuff’ in your home and I am able to forward your website and name onto them. I would really love to read your book sometime (hopefully after we move into our new house!). Thanks for your words and God bless!

  82. Connie B. says

    Hi Glynnis,
    I have found a few things to be very freeing from this constant struggle of what to eat, what not to eat. One thing is to eat unprocessed foods as much as possible, and eat whole foods as much as I can, like real butter versus margarine, whole wheat versus white flour, home-cooked foods & baking versus store bought ready made stuff. Two websites that have inspired me are: http://heavenlyhomemakers.com/and http://deliciouslyorganic.net/. These ladies eat a lot of vegetables and fruit, but also full fat foods because it’s natural. One of them said that are bodies just don’t know what to do with all these modified ingredients in heavily processed foods. If you buy low-fat or sugar-free foods (or alternate unnatural sugars), you will find that it’s replaced by bad ingredients, therefore causing your body stress and actually gaining weight from it instead. In eating whole foods, I have found that I can enjoy eating more, and also am less addicted to it. Another thing that we have done in our home is eat a lot less meat, because my husband’s cholesterol is high…but I have found it to help us lose weight too. We still like our homemade pizza and/or other meats on weekends though. Really cutting down the sugar makes a big difference too. I have lost weight much easier like this. I give myself too many exceptions sometimes, but usually allow my sugar items only on weekends and special occasions (at first I went too crazy on wknds with the sweets, but have learned to be more careful). In making these changes and moderately exercising 3 times a week, I had lost 20 pounds in a few months. Loosing weight is so much more fun this way! I’ll enjoy my cheesecake as long as it’s not made with modified ingredients! There is so much more inspiration on these sites. I especially enjoy Laura at Heavenly Homemakers…she’s a Christian lady with a good sense of humor!

    Bless you! I’m continuing to love your posts, and learn so much from them!
    Connie from Manitoba, Canada

  83. Angela Oaks says

    I understand your temptation. I have been put on a gluten free diet, but I think, one small piece of bread won’t hurt me. I pay for it later. Good luck and thoughts and prayers for strength for you.

  84. Lisa says

    Like so many others, I understand the weight struggle, especially as I see the big 5-0 (YIKES!) on the not-too-distant horizon. For someone who is into organization, you might like an app I use called myfitnesspal. Don’t have a smartphone? You can also access online at myfitnesspal.com. You can record foods you’ve eaten, exercise, and water intake. It will track your weight and give you a breakdown of the nutritional content of your food choices. I especially like that it has an enormous data base with nearly every food from fruits & veggies, to brands you buy at the store & restaurants you eat at. You can also connect with “friends” to encourage and hold one another accountable. I think accountability is key, but as of yet, I have no myfitnesspal “friends”. Wouldn’t it be fun to develop a network of Sisters in Christ to encourage one another in this area?!? I enjoy receiving your blog updates and am considering the study of your book with Melissa, as I am really enjoying the current study she is doing. Blessings to you, Sister!!!

  85. Melissa says

    I’m not sure if someone else has said this because I didn’t want to read all the comments, but I’ve used http://www.sparkpeople.com in the past and it’s a fabulous, FREE, weight loss website similar to Weight Watchers. If you’re handy with using a computer as your pen and paper, then you’ll love this. You punch in your currents as well as your goals and it calculates for you how many calories to eat/day and even plans meals for you. There’s tons and tons of recipes on the site too for you to make. Wonderful!
    Personally, I don’t calorie-count anymore like I used to. I’m focused on maintaining my ‘temple’ by eating foods that the Lord has provided…raw milk, veggies galore, fruits, eggs, meat and poultry, very VERY little grains, etc. (I won’t mention that I’m about to make chocolate oatmeal cookies and banana bread in a minute…but that’s for my kids…ya right ;). I find I feel much better when I stick to a menu like that.
    Another inspiration saying that popped into my head recently is “Just keep at it. Then you won’t have to start over again.”

  86. Paulette Taylor says

    My name is Paulette Taylor, and I am getting ready to do the online bible study about your book. I haven’t been able to get the book yet, but I did go online and read a few pages, and it is exactly what I need. It hasn’t been too long ago that I realized I am not the organized person I used to be. I have so many things going on in my life that there just isn’t time to do everything I need to do. When I read the few pages in your book, it was almost exactly what I have been saying to myself. I just know that God brought me here to be able to give me some sense of direction. Thank you so much for writing the book to give myself and many others like me the opportunity to get our lives organized and first and foremost to put God first in our lives. Paulette – Knoxville, TN.

  87. Robin Still says

    Yeah!!! Another chance to do a study on organizing…Yeah! I am so happy at a chance to see my house be clean…and clutter free.

    As far as weight goes…I am right there with you. I struggle so much with just trying to lose 15 pounds and it seems like I am continue to gain instead of loose. One of my tempatations is chocolate….so I purchase “cheap” chocolate…I don’t like it my children do and therefore I won’t eat it.

    May you have a day full of smiles and many more blessings!

    Robin :)

  88. loridee3 says

    thank you for your book of new promises as I would love to be more organized once again and a chance to do a study over at Mellisa’s as well!!!

    Weight loss has been a constant struggle for me these past few years and would love any hint to help take the pounds off! A new start is a coming!!!

  89. Kelly Greene says

    Hi Glynnis – stopping by from Melissa’s study to thank you for writing your book. I was considering the study, but after visiting your blogs, I have decided to do it. I like you, have reached that age where what I used to eat to maintain now has me gaining weight. I have never been good wth “diets” because I truly love to eat, but I do enjoy working out. So for me to lose weight or to just maintain, I adjust my workouts. I saw somen mention myfitnesspal.com – a very good tool.

    Thanks for all you (and the Proverbs 31 entire team) do!

  90. Martha says

    Thanks for sharing this Bible verse. I’m posting it on my refrigerator as well. I am so inspired by your wisdom and honesty. Thank you.

  91. says

    THank you for this book! i’m looking forward to do the study. I’ve never been very organized but right now I’m not where that I use to be. Life has been a cyclone this past year and so much has been left undone.

  92. Sharon Erdmann says

    I just came to the conclusion this morning that I needed to plan every bite of my day BEFORE I started eating it, and then I read your blog. It was such a confirmation of that! I had been doing a food diary, but had been entering each meal and snack after I ate. I noticed that I was treating calories like money and thinking of how much I had left to spend before I hit my limit. Needless to say, sometimes I would go a little bit over. If I plan every bite beforehand, I don’t have the mindset of having more calories left to use. They’re already budgeted in. It’s like buying groceries. If I have a list, I always spend less. If I go without a list, I spend more. Thanks so much!

  93. Kathy A says

    I am really looking forward to your Bible Study. I have an ongoing problem with weight. I am trying to get some weight off for health purposes. The HOT sign at Krispy Kreme is a real killer.

  94. Heather B says

    I love the idea of this study. I’m just getting to the point when life is getting busier and I’m having a hard time letting go of being as organized as I’d like to be. It’s hard for me to leave things undone, for more important things. I excited to see what this book will speak in to my life:) Thank you for writing it.

    Heather B

  95. Kam says

    Thanks so much, Glynnis, for writing this book!! I would love to be so organized!! I hope to do the study with Melissa, but finances are tight so I’m. Praying God puts a copy of this book in my hands…if this is where He wants me to be right now. If not I will still get the emails, and I can still learn so much from Melissa’s and others writings.

  96. Teresa says

    My desire is to do the study with Melissa. I truly can relate to “I used to be so organized”… this applies in all areas of my life.. including tasks, chores, money, etc.
    Thanks for your constant encouragement.

  97. Lamina Schultz says

    Thank you SO MUCH!!! I’m excited to see and start the study. I really am a clutter bug, lol

  98. Rebecca says

    I love your honesty, Glynnis! So many of us struggle with managing our weight. I think, for many of us, we obsess over wanting a certain body size/shape rather than what is really more important: nurturing our health. I do much better when I track my food, but I don’t try to over-do it. I find that if I allow myself an indulgence every so often, I do not feel like I am depriving myself. When I start feeling deprived of all the foods I love, I tend to rebel and allow myself to slip back into bad eating habbits. I also think that regular exercise is a must!!

  99. Robin says

    I started reading Made to Crave by Lysa Terkeurst in February of this year. I had been struggling with my hormones and weight loss since having a hysterectomy in 2007. I gained over 40 pounds. I have tried everything from hormone replacement and meds for pre diabetes and so many other things I can not count. Then I read this book and I realized that my focus was on the wrong thing. I need to Crave Jesus rather than the food. Lysa has a saying that goes like it may be permissable but is it beneficial. I try to remember that when I am tempted. I then signed up for Weight Watchers and have been following that and exercising daily. To date I have lost 15 pounds. I expect that I will get to a plateau at some point and to be honest it scares the dickens out of me but I will continue to work on this. I continue to pray that the Lord will help me to continue to CRAVE HIM more than anything else. I will pray for you and that while the Lord has you at this plateau he will give you what you need to continue. Lord Bless You!

  100. Pam T says

    I would love the book, because I too used to be organized, and thin! I have been on a plateau for 4 months :( after losing 28 pounds.

  101. Jennifer says

    Thanks for writing a book about how we used to be so organized. I feel I am no longer organized and overwhelmed with clutter and possessions. Hoping this study helps.

  102. Karen R says

    Glynnis, I am so disorganized I didn’t even read this post until today, almost 2 months after you published it! To be fair, my life has had a few bumps lately. Anyways, I noticed a few fitness apps and websites mentioned, I just wanted to chime in with LoseIt.com. There is also a smart phone app and it has been helping me immensely! It even has a barcode scanner in the smart phone app to help log you food! Plus I watched the movie Hungry for a Change and it sure changed my mind about artificial sweetners! And yesterday I started a book by Craig Groeschel called, “Soul Detox: Clean Living in a Contaminated World.” What an eye opener and motivator! Hope this helps!

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