Is a balanced life really possible?

Seems like everyone wants a balanced life these days.  It sounds so good! Right? But is it even possible?

I think it is, but for there to ever be balance, two opposing sides must be equal.  One pound of feathers equals one pound of sand.  Eight ounces of milk equals eight ounces of juice.

The problem for most of us is we try to make unequal amounts balance.  If you are reading this in an email, you might want to read my Encouragement for Today devotion to get a better idea of where I’m going today.

I’ll never find balance when the basic parts of my life don’t equal out foundationally.  For example, my biggest problem area is trying to fit too many responsibilities into my available time and energy.  Sometimes this happens out of my control – like when my son tore his meniscus wrestling and several weeks were filled with doctors’ appointments, surgery and me happily providing TLC at home.   That’s not what I’m talking about.

I’m talking about chronic over-commitment.  This woman always feels rushed and slightly panicked, wondering what (or who) she’s forgotten, and asking herself if she will EVER be able to sit down and relax … and getting annoyed because her husband seems to be able to sit and watch football WHEN THERE’S SO MUCH TO DO!!! (harumph!)

Maybe you’ve got a handle on your schedule, but your home is chronically cluttered.  Perhaps it’s because you are trying to fit too much stuff into too little house. If that’s the case, you might want to read back through my Clutter-Free Challenge I did in January.  Click here to read the first post.

Back to the schedule issue.  The best way I know how to avoid over-scheduling my life is to be confident (to the best of my ability) in God’s will for me at any given time.   In my devotion I promised to provide a checklist that helps me figure out what God is asking me to do at any given time.

Basically, my checklist is more a list of questions I ask myself when I’m feeling pulled in a hundred directions and when I’m having trouble focusing.  These questions help me assess my responsibilities and commitments.  And if I’m spending lots of time on things that aren’t on this list, it’s time to start deleting or delegating.

Here is my list of questions and current answers:

What are my priorities?

What can only I do? Develop my faith

Take care of my health

Be my husband’s wife

Be my children’s mother

What has God entrusted to me? The care of a home

The care of children

A ministry of writing

Am I a good steward of what I already have? Do I love my husband and children as I should?

Do I manage money well?

Do I care for my home sufficiently?

Do I work as effectively as I can?

What passion has God put in my heart? To share the Good News about Jesus and God’s Word.

To mentor other women in homemaking and productivity.

To serve God through Proverbs 31 Ministries.


What has God asked me to do that I haven’t done yet? Create a digital magazine for P31

 You might want to develop your own list, or use mine.  But whatever you do to find balance, make sure you ask God for direction and wisdom.  He will answer you.

Some think it’s presumptuous to believe we can know God’s will. Yet the Bible makes it clear God isn’t trying to withhold that information.  Romans 12:2 says, “Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God’s will is—his good, pleasing and perfect will.”

Based on these words by the apostle Paul, we can know God’s will and His priorities for us.  This verse gives two conditions for knowing God’s will:

  • Not conforming to the pattern of the world.
  • Being transformed by the renewing of our minds.

The pattern of this world will obscure God’s priorities for us every time, because it creates a self-centered life.  A self-centered life is one in which we consistently choose our own desires, regardless of whether they line up with God’s ways.

Only Olympic gymnasts have perfect balance.  The rest of us will always be wobbly. But so long as we keep our eyes on our Heavenly Father and His priorities for us, we’ll not crash and burn.

Thanks so much for joining me today.  And I’d love to hear from you.  What priority in your life needs a bit more attention?  Post a comment and I’ll select a winner at random to receive my book, “I Used to Be So Organized.”  (I’ve got an entire chapter on setting priorities, plus I share how I manage those priorities.)  I’ll announce the winner on Friday.

Grace & Peace,







  1. Dawn Wolfe says

    This blog is great! As I sit in my hotel room for work and my family is not with me it feels like my priorities are not in line. Thanks for your list! I will use it for myself.

  2. Lori says

    Thank you! I woke up @ 4am because of my crying daughter. Now, I can’t get back to sleep because of my overflowing to-do list. Thank you for the reminder to give it back to God to let him help me prioritize.

  3. Heather says

    Wow! I’ve really been wanting this book! Being a single mom with 3 children at home is really overwhelming at times. All my priorities are only met 1/2 way! I think delegating chores to be done regularly would be the most helpful priority. With that, my cherenkov would learn responsibility, time management and have better self-esteem, a sense of belonging & being needed. It is so much easier for me to skip the back talk & arguing & do things myself but I am worn out and anxious over those things that aren’t getting done which only I can do. My older children who are out of the house had regular chores & schedules & have become wonderful responsible adults. It is very hard to instill those qualities in my present situation. HELP!

  4. Susan says

    I find that I can get so lost in the world of busy, I only notice it’s effect on me when I start to get cranky. And by then, it’s too late – I’ve already bitten someone’s head off!
    I need to be more intentional about understanding that most of the time, in my life, cranky comes from too busy!
    Thanks for you great advice!

  5. Caroline says

    Good morning! Your words come as a blessing! I am a single mom of twins and a Marine preparing to transition to civilian life. Because of my extensive injuries, my schedule is packed with medical appointments that the thought of moving to another state and retiring is overwhelming. Thank you for your checklist, it immediately spoke to my heart and needs! God bless you!

  6. says

    I am currently feeling stretched in many directions. I am trying to keep my priorities in line, but I do feel like I am not giving my husband or my house adequate attention…

  7. ashlyn says

    Just yesterday I was sending daggers (figuratively) at the husband who could find time to not only take a nap, but read a book too, while I was doing two hundred ten other things to make everyone else happy. Nowhere in there was a thought to what God wants me to do with my time. You really spoke to my heart with your blog today. Thank you for helping me to see that I need to make some changes and giving me an avenue to start. Shooting daggers is definitely not the way to do it!!!!

  8. says

    This is such a timely post for me, too. I took on homeschooling two of my children this year, which is cutting into my writing time. My editing business is taking off, and I am excited to have this type of enjoyable work. Balancing my schedule out to meet all of our needs is something I’ve been trying to “organize”, but the stress of hearing whiny kids all day wears on me quickly. The two I have home don’t like to work (the two still in school will but only want to do so in their timing), and I, too, would rather just do it myself while knowing I need to teach them responsibility and an attitude of service with excellence. Whew! I get tired just thinking of all of it.
    Your book has sounded lovely to me for a long time. Thanks for the opportunity to win it.

  9. Laura Z. says

    To help me remain focused on one of the top priorities I believe God has for me at this stage in life, I filled a bulletin board with pictures of my children and some of their art work with the following verses typed out in large lettering and pinned in the middle:
    “I am doing a great work and cannot come down.” Nehemiah 6:3 and “Train up a child in the way he should go and when he is old he will not turn from it.” Proverbs 22:6

    It is hung up in our newly remodeled basement near the laundry area (where I seem to spend a lot of time!). This has helped me reset my mind on those crazy days when I feel that I should be “doing more”.

  10. Carleen says

    This hits home hard, I have been trying to find a way to say NO to adding on responsibility and work better with my personal children, I really need to get my focus right but it its not easy as a teacher and trying to touch 400 other kids lives too… I find myself like a chicken with out a head sometimes…. I know God has a plan for me at my school but he also have me my own children to love and care for….. Balancing is not easy

  11. Angie says

    God’s timing is awesome and perfect! My heart has ached over this very issue and what I need to do to bring balance back into my life. I have prayed and prayed for God to answer me. I am a wife, a mom to two kids and work a full time job (like most of us do) but I continue to feel God pulling me in a different direction. I keep hearing and feeling the need for balance. I feel like my life is total chaos and I feel paralyzed by the to-do list. Too much to even start anything! I would love to have your book. The checklist has already helped me to see that I have been looking at things all wrong!!

  12. Jill says

    Sometimes it seems like all of my priorities are skewed. My house is cluttered b/c I’ve just given up as every time I declutter my husband’s area it just gets worse and worse. Then, my boss has the messiest office and it spills over into mine. I like to work in order but it’s impossible.

  13. Gwyn says

    Very timely indeed! I feel overwhelmed so much lately at work and home. I definitely need God’s balance. I had decided this week to just let things pile up and see how long it took my family to notice. Of course, it doesn’t bother them and just makes me more irritable. Thank you for speaking God’s words into our hearts!

  14. Grace says

    Your words are always so on target for me! I thank God for using you as a voice to so many who struggle with time management!

  15. Deb Hileman says

    Good morning, thank you for your words this morning, my priorities are a mess. The one priority I need to change is my time in pray, my time with God. When I do this my day goes so much better, when I don’t everything overwhelms me. Then it is a cycle.
    My other priorities and commitments are all over the place, I feel like I am taking one step forward and 5 back!

  16. Laurie says

    Oh, it is indeed hard not to be mad when my husband does the same as yours sitting in chair with tv on…and be content with what is going on around the house at the same time. Something I cannot do…hopefully someday soon!

    As usual as many mothers, I put myself last on priorities list, but funny how that still does not work with what God wants me to do. Everytime something goes wrong, crazy, chaotic, etc, I always find myself muttering, “Perhaps this would be a good time for Jesus to come back?”

  17. Karen Johns says

    I am alsi going to use your list to help me clearly and visually see what priorities I am needing to give more attention.

  18. SDB says

    I need to work on finding more time to exercise so I have more energy to do the other items on my priority list. Thank you for a great post. Blessings!

  19. Kelli Derrick says

    Thank you for your devotion this morning about living a balanced life. I have been struggling with this the past couple of weeks, and your words are divine intervention. I know this devotion landed in my inbox at the right time for the right reasons. Thank you, Glynnis, and God bless! :-)

  20. Julie B. says

    My husband and I are in a season of manic schedules right now and working to try and reign them in (with very little success). We keep reminding each other that if the devil can’t knock you down he will speed you up. This devotion is just perfectly God timed – thank you. I can’t wait to sit down with your list and go through them for me at this season.

  21. Kedra says

    How appropriate is this message to me. I thank God that he answers our prayers in such a timely manner.

    I am sitting in the bed sick, because I haven’t taken the time to take care of me. Taking care of me seems to the easiest thing to ignore.

    I just recently stopped working one of my 4 jobs. The 4 jobs seemed to be working out just fine until my family had a house fire. This became my 5th job, and like you said you can’t fit 1 1/2 cups of life in 1 cup, all of the milk has started to overflow everywhere. I’m having trouble now just wiping up the mess I’ve made.

    In this process I am also looking for work, full time work. I hate this idea. Although I have been working 4 part time jobs, the flexibility It gave me, seemed to be more than time than what a full time job will give. I”m confused and scared. I want take care of me, be a wife to my hubby and a mother to my children first.

    How do I do this very big job and work full time too. I guess my fear is that my time will be so structured with a full time job that I will not have time to take care of my first 3 priorities.

    Thanks for listening and taking the time to speak from your own experience.

  22. Mandy Hawkins says

    Thank You for your words of encouragement. As someone who is known by friends and family as “always there in a pinch” and “reliable”, I tend to get pulled in many different directions. I am learning to seek God on whether these are His interruptions, meant for ministering purposes, or those that I need to be able to say no to. I really do need help with organization. I run our family’s business from home, allowing me to be there for our children, but also allowing me to be my husband’s helper. The blessings are tremendous when it comes to being there for my family, but there is also a balance and guilt issue because I am home and feel I should keep house better.

  23. says

    Glynnis you are an angel sent from the Lord to all of us! This past weekend I was so excited to decorate for fall :) got everything out cleaned & rearing to go I tell you if things could get in the way it did! I told my husband I just want to play & make it look pretty! By the time I got my chores done it was getting late & the sun was going down I really felt discouraged I then figured out I

  24. Christine says

    Thank you so much for your devotional this morning. This is a huge struggle in my life. As I was reading the power verse you cited; Isaiah 26:3, I continued to read the rest of the chapter and discovered Isaiah 26:12, “Lord You have established peace for us, all that we have accomplished You have done for us.” It reminded me that I can’t accomplish anything without God. So overloading my schedule with things that He doesn’t desire for me is simply a waste of time. If I’m trusting Him, then He will help me accomplish what He determines is necessary. Anything left undone apparently isn’t in His plan for me today, and if I truly trust that He knows best, then I will experience the peace that He provides.

  25. Cathy says

    Glynnis thank you for challenging me and sharing your wisdom. I’ve neglected my home life by over scheduling myself. My daughter is a senior in high school this year and I’ve been in over my head practically her whole life. God has been dealing with me about giving my family and home the focus they deserve. I’ve made little changes over the past couple of years but not the major commitment my family deserves. Thank you for allowing God to use you to help families. I’m taking some time off next week to get some neglected things taken care of and spend special time with my kids. God bless you always in all ways.

  26. Anne B says

    From the comments, it sounds like lots of us are in the 1 1/2 cup boat. There are so many things I love to do, but when there’s too much, none of seems very fun anymore. And, I think life is meant to be enjoyed, not struggled through. Thank you all for sharing your wisdom and desire for us women to live God’s plan.

  27. says

    Taking care of the home for my husband and children is something I often let slip to take on other activities. And then end up feeling guilty, frustrated, and defensive over it.

  28. Kim S says

    I can so relate to your devotion today. I’m always trying to put 1 1/2 cups worth of activities into 1 cup. I’m tired and stressed and I feel like I can never relax. I appreciate your list of priorities and I do sense that every where within my house that I go is overstuffed. Too much in the closets, in the china cabinet, in the silverware drawer! I am a doer and love to be busy, but sense that I’m overstuffed! This also brings a lot of critical thinking and judging of those in my house who have time to sit around and watch football. LOL. I love being able to come to and P31 that brings so much encouragement. I am blessed. Thank you!

  29. says

    The paragraph you wrote about wanting to sit and relax, and getting annoyed because her husband can sit and watch football is me EXACTLY! How did you know? Most of my stress comes from trying to keep my house clean. I don’t know what to do about it either! I have a feeling this book would probably be very helpful…

    Thanks for this blog!!

  30. Elaine says

    Timely devotion! I thought at this stage of my life I would be settling down, but God isn’t finished with me yet! Being in “semi-retirement” means making a LOT of decisions, and it sometimes means saying “no” to a good cause. I SO need to take more quiet time to discern His will for my life.

  31. says

    Thank you for this post & today’s devotional. As a homeschooler mother of 5 children between the ages of 5 & 9, I often feel I’m pushing too much into my schedule. Given my personality, I expect the house to be perfect, to volunteer & to have a great social life & well educated children. I often fall short, well, daily fall short of my own expectations. It’s a daily commune with the Lord that helps, but I’m certainly not perfected yet, after all I’m still alive.

  32. says

    Continued….. I hit the send button sorry I then figured out I had not invited Jesus in my day or project I was doing it in my own strength :( I have learned so much from all of you wonderful Proverbs 31 women You each are nuggets from heaven I have been taking time for the Lord first & when I do my life runs like a charm when I don’t it is a model A going up Mount Everest My husband too rests & I thought I’m going to do an experiment I’m going to sit down every time he does OMG I was like a squirming 2 year old! We were taught you did your work first then play I’ve been doing the opposite & then I feel like tackling the load! Not all day just mini times & taking a break in the morning for 15 minutes & afternoon like I use to on the job site! Ladies if you can get up early & do your Bibpe reading first then your exercises then shower & hit a lick So many women are tired & have bad health because we put ourselves last Be ready though to face opposition You will be interrupted but just keep one foot in front of the other & do it do it Our strength only comes from the Lord Your list Glynnis is such an eye opener Thsnk You

  33. Bing Boettner says

    My house is suffering neglect at this time. Deadlines to meet, papers to file (Ugh!-this is my greatest struggle) and other commitments at school as a teacher-leader.
    Thanks for the reality check. I need to come home early tonight and sit down and write my list of commitments and prayerfully consider each one.
    Appreciate the devo.


  34. Carol says

    I have taken the plunge after 50 to return to school full-time. Although I feel like I have always had struggles in living a balanced life, I feel like school takes ALL of my time, because I found out that I need straight A’s in all my classes in order to be able to get into the program to which I feel God is leading me.
    My struggle is feeling like I can take time away from those studies to cook, clean, or do any other household duties, as well as volunteer time. I do the Proverbs 31 ministries devotionals pretty regularly and feel very blessed to have this is my life.
    I would appreciate any prayers, suggestions. Thanks and have a great day!
    In Christ, Carol

  35. Cathy says

    God bless you! Have you ever checked out the Fly Lady and her website. Lots of encouraging help to get organized and declutter your life. I’d like to try your idea of writing everything down that needs to be done. I have a feeling that I could just eliminate a lot of things that way. Jesus always found time for interruptions and he did the most important work ever done in three short years. This is something to meditate on.

  36. Katrina Arbuckle says

    The hardest thing for me is that I have a passion for so many causes, which leads me to volunteering for them. Even though I “stay at home,” I’m not home very much at all! How do you choose between 5 things that you love and are really important, good things?

  37. says

    Thank you for this post! I love how the chart is broken down. It’s good to think about what only I can be and do (wife and mother to my family).

  38. kim says

    I always have to chuckle when I read that title “I USED to be so organized”! I would love to actually be organized, to finally feel like I have a hold on things!!!

  39. Patti H says

    P31 and all the ladies here are such a blessing. I thought I crashed and burned in 2007 when I was mistreated for the last time and left my home and all it represented with the clothes on my back and my handbag. Sitting in my car, I cried out to God and he sent me to safe haven found in a long time girlfriend. Since then, He has restored me, brought a Godly Boaz man into my life, renewed my faith walk, and transformed me. I will forever be grateful for that valley because now I can see how high up the mountain God wants to take me and mine. I would love the book, but if it blesses someone else, thats fabulous too!

  40. Melanie says

    I’m at that place right now where I am wondering what happened. I can’t seem to get everything done and keep everything organized, yet we don’t seem to be involved in much either. My kids are only in swimming! AND all their lessons are at the same time in the same pool! But I seem to be running all day and when I finally TAKE a minute to sit, somebody asks me to do something and I just about bite their head off. Just this morning, I was praying that God would help me take time on purpose to just enjoy His presence and have a few moments of peace EACH day. I will do the checklist to see what I can remove from my list of things to do and that way I may also be better able to see where I am spending my time. Thanks for the devotional at just the right moment!

  41. Barb says

    Checking our priorities is an on-going process. Thanks for the reminder that through all of our shuffling and organizing of daily life, our relationship with God is always top priority!

  42. Rita says

    Glynnis – you serve so many of us who struggle with priorities and how to organize. We all need to learn to say no (or yes when appropriate) and seek His will for our committments. Thanks for reminding me of that.

  43. Jen S says

    I definitely need to devote more time to my husband and my health…these always end up at the bottom of the pile.

  44. Dawn says

    I cannot tell you how timely God has sent this message through you to me. I am a midlifer who has a full time job, a husband but no children at home and I cannot seem to consistently attend to the priorities in my life. My list is simple – God (spending time with him in reading His word, meditating and praying), husband and family (this includes my elderly mother) and work (that includes my job and other demands on my life). Whenever I put the last priority (work+) first, my life becomes overwhelming and I neglect the other priority areas. I struggle in this area (have for years) and I want to stop struggling. Please pray for me as I listen to God for direction to overcome this issue in my life!

  45. Kathy says

    My priorities are totally out of control…. Too much time devoted to my business – not enough for my kids (now grown up, 18 and 21) and my personal health and spouse. Your list was a big eye-opener for me!

  46. Loree says

    Wow! This really hit home. Just last night as I crashed and burned out of another long day, my prayer was for calm; “God I need calm in my life”. The calm will come when I completely let go, trust HIM, prioritize the things that are most important and be content when the rest falls to the side. Wonderful reminder on a Wednesday morning, amidst the busy schedule; I need to keep my focus on HIM and HIS plan for me! Thank you…

  47. Christina says

    Hi Glynnis:

    As I sit here this morning getting ready to run for the day, I opened my inbox and read Encouragement for the day. Wow.

    God has His reasons he places certain things in my path, and this is a reminder we are one person and can only do so much.

    Thank you for this wonderful post.

    I’m looking forward to reading more.

  48. K L Redfield says

    Love it! This is so true. One thing that I try to remember when trying to “balance” priorities is that in its natural state everything is for a season, however we can force it at our own will to continue on beyond that. Just like forcing a plant to continue to bloom in the fall and even winter by bring it inside and babying it, we can overcommit to even the best things but not leave either one healthy. It may be a friend whom you helped through a hard time but you are now allowing to be dependent you. It may be that you have chosen to put your children in too many activities at the same time. Whatever it is, ask yourself, “Have I allowed this (person, activity, thought, etc.) to go beyond its natural or necessary life?”

  49. says

    I really need to do better at folding and puttin the laundry away and putting my clothes away when I take them off. Currently they all start to stack up on a chair in my bedroom. Yikes! Thanks for your words of wisdom!

  50. says

    As caregiver for my elderly parents, as well as being a wife and mother, I constantly feel like a juggler dropping her balls, I rarely feel balanced in life. I struggle constantly to find balance in my life. How do I ensure that my parents needs are met as well as giving my husband and children the time they need? Questions that I never seem to get good answers for. Your blog was an encouragement today, I am going to take your suggestions and try and apply them to my life. Pray that I will.

  51. Mary says

    I am always amazed at how God works, how He confirms what He is trying to teach me at the present time. We just started a small group study, “Living a Life of Balance” this past Sunday, and along comes your blog and devotion on balance! I hear you Lord! Thank you for writing and teaching in terms I can understand – not putting 1 1/2 cups into 1 cup – the life of the every-day woman! I look forward to reading more of what God has taught you. God bless!

  52. Amber Blakes says

    I have gotten a better handle on my schedule with God’s help, but my house is WAY too cluttered! Thanks for the priority questions…much needed.

  53. Kim Haley says

    So needed! As a school teacher my job is so demanding and I am struggling with what I feel like I have to do and what I want and need to do. I am having a hard time staying focused during the little time I do have free as well. Thanks for the words of wisdom that I need to put into practice!

  54. Lynn says

    I am crafting to help out with our finances. My husband took a pay cut at work.
    While I think I am “helping out”, the house is getting further and further into disarray with craft projects and supplies everywhere. I forget to do laundry sometimes, and often dinner hour arrives and I don’t have a clue as to what to fix. I get more and more frustrated every day. I guess after reading your message, maybe I just
    need to stop, slow down and ask God to provide for us while I focus more on being
    a better wife, mother and homemaker. Craft what I can, but not at such a pace that I forget and neglect all else. Thanks for the post.

  55. Nicole says

    Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!!
    Not only have you spoken to my heart, to my current situation, to what I am feeling… you have provided practical advice and tools to help.

    I know I’m too busy, as do many around me, but no one (including me) seems to know WHAT to do.

    Thanks again for not only stating the obvious, but sharing solutions and encouraging me and so many other women!!!

    Blessings on your day!

    PS Just to let you know how distracted/scattered I am… I posted this on the wrong day… don’t know how I got there, and not sure how I caught it… but it’s here now… on the correct day!!!!

  56. Brenda Klein says

    I also struggle with saying yes when I really mean to say, “I’d love to, but if I help you I’ll let down my family and those whom I’ve already made commitments to. It wouldn’t be fair to give them and you less than the best of me, so I’ll have to pass this time around.” I pray for the courage to be honest and clear about my responsibilities. I also pray that I don’t shut out God opportunities by being too rigid. It’s a balancing act that God needs to be in control of, and sometimes he really needs to shake me up.

    Thanks for your post!

  57. Staci says

    I needed this and the devotion. All through my life I’ve had trouble telling people no and comitted to everything people asked or needed from me. I never acknowledged God. I didn’t realize how bad it was until this past summer I had to take a leave of absense from work. Sad but true, I still had things on my plate. But one at a time things have been released. I finally stopped teaching Zumba, I’ve been able to just rest. I go back to work on the 22nd and I am truly praying that God will send me something less stressful before going back. However trying to cram do much had literally caused an anxiety over my life in which I’m currently healing. I’ve been proud to say no its like a burdern gone.

  58. Sherri White says

    Thanks for the good post – I needed it today! Something I always try to test myself with is to ask myself whether what I am doing is the good thing or the best thing. My problem is that there are so many good things I want to do, that I sometimes neglect the best thing – spending time with Christ in prayer and fellowship. It’s so easy for me to leave this most important thing out of my life because I’m too busy doing good things. I find that on the days I can do what is best, the other things fall into place much easier, and if they don’t get done, I don’t stress.

  59. says

    Seems as though I go in cycles as far as what priority needs more attention…one that seems to repeat often through the cycle is keeping up with chores and household responsibilities. With five children and a sixth on the way, it’s hard to focus on housekeeping, rather than just doing “fun” things with or for my kiddos! Would love to win your book:)

  60. sabrina says

    My home needs more attention, specifically decluttering, cleaning and creating more peace. Many other “homemaking” tasks could be improved on but that is the main one, I find it much easier to let myself be destracted by some new project or challenge when i really need to focus on the projects and challenges God had already given me.

  61. Diane says

    Thanks for this teaching. I particularly like the chart. Part of my problem is that I don’t like to delegate household jobs that children are capable of doing. It is easier to do them myself, but then I run out of time to do the tasks that only I can do. It takes courage and gumption to change this bad pattern. I have, countless times, “turned over a new leaf” in this area, only to find myself drifting back into the old habit at a later time. My children will never jump for joy when expected to help with household tasks. I just have to be tough. So I will try again. Thank you. BTW, I ordered your book, I Used to be so Organized, back when it was back-ordered, and never received it. I’m not sure if the fee payment went through or not, and I don’t know how to track it down, so I hope that I win this give away!

  62. Jari says

    I love today’s blog post and the morning devotion over at Proverbs 31 ministry. I have been working on prioritizing my life for a couple of months, but it seems that it isn’t going my way. I have a realize over the past week that it isn’t supposed to be or go my way, but God’s way. So I believe that I first priority to work on is my relationship and spending time with God. Sometimes I give God so many excuses on why I don’t find time to spend with him, but I need to seek him first and then everything (with his guidance) will come to pass!! Thanks for sharing this word and the confirmation of God to me with this post!!

  63. Leslie says

    I LOVE your list of questions to ask ourselves….wonderful reality check that we all need as busy women. Thanks so much. Have really been interested in your book, because organization is not my strength and i can use all the help i can get! Have a wonderful day!

  64. Lorrie says

    I am not even sure where to start commenting, because I feel like my priorities are all messed up. I wish you and I could go for coffee! I loved your self evaluating questions. I feel like you were speaking directly to me. I know it wasn’t you, it was the Holy Spirit. Now I am praying for an obedient heart.

  65. Lori says

    There is a group of us doing the Unglued Bible Study and I think your devotion today hit it on the head for a lot of the reason that we become unglued – overcommittment which makes us tired. Thanks so much for this – I will be sharing it with all of our ladies.

  66. Lauren says

    Thank you. This is just what I needed to hear today. I realize I am not in the same boat as many who read your blog, but as a busy graduate student, it is hard to balance all of the different commitments that I have, and also to say “no” to things that I want to do or even feel some obligation to do. I love your template, and will be thinking and praying about it over the next week.

  67. says

    Over-Committment. How I TOTALLY relate. I appreciate the questions ou ask to help yourself (and others!) prioritize and hone in on what God wants you to invest your time in. I am in a season of change, and trying to sort out more clearly what God wants for me and from me. I have so many options and enjoy so many “things” but I know I can’t do everything well. I am praying and seeking Godly counsel. Thanks for your post!

  68. Lori says

    I really need to make it a priority to clean out our basement. We have 36+ years of boxes stored down there filled with who knows what. I have been saying that I am going to go through those boxes for the last seven years. Every time I go down to start, I end up standing there looking at all of the boxes because I don’t know where to even begin. So, back up the stairs I go and find something else to spend my time doing. Meanwhile another day has gone by and I have piled more guilt upon my shoulders. I know this is something God has been wanting me to work on…I just feel like I am stuck.

  69. Sandra Price says

    My cluttered mind and room need more attention. I share a room with my youngest daughter in my parents home. Keeping it straight is such a struggle and being overwhelmed seems to be the place where I stay the most. I want so badly a place of my own and to be clutter free, but I have to battle to believe that I will have these things one day. I still have hope, though, because I know that God is faithful to us even when we aren’t faithful to ourselves. And this is what I hope in… this and that my “wants” will be turn to “committed to’s” sooner than later. I LOVE your blog! Thank you for your heart to help others know God and His purposes!

  70. Renee S. says

    Love today’s post! I am using your list/chart & tweaking it to suit my life! Two things in my life need priority now…the organization of my home and the balance in my mind. Currently using Unglued to help find my balance between honesty and peace. I’d love to read your book! Thanks so much for answering the call from God to mentor women in homemaking and productivity. God bless!!

  71. Colleen says

    Your P31 devotion and this blog were so timely for me as this is an area I have been struggling with and feeling very discouraged in. I already had a busy life raising 4 sons and trying to manage a home, activities, etc when my husband died suddenly last year. For the ladies who feel resentful that your husband is relaxing while you are trying to hold it together- try taking him out of the equation. I had no idea the responsibility my husband carried until he was no longer here- and suddenly all of it was mine too. He had a business which I am now learning, kept up with all the finances, home maintenance etc. Some days I feel like my back is breaking under the weight of my new life. God has brought me this far and I know He will never leave me. But I also know this is an area that I need to evaluate, learn what needs to stay & what needs to go, and take action to eliminate some things. I am going to start with making my own priorities chart today.

  72. LA says

    It’s amazing how these devotions and blog posts hit me right where I’m at in life. The analogy in the devotion of trying to fit 1-1/2 cups into a cup is so true. Thanks for the checklist and encouragement. Such a blessing!

  73. Suzi says

    Glynnis, when I applied these questions to my choices earlier this summer I had to answer no to “am I being a good steward of what God has already entrusted to me?” in the area of my physical health and well being. I was chronically ignoring my health needs for the needs of others. The others have REAL needs…I just had to stop writing this to give sugar to our diabetic son whose blood sugar was quickly dropping…but other people’s very real needs do not negate my responsibility to care diligently for the things God has entrusted to my care, even when the thing is my own health. Even though your book and study restored balance and peace in my life I still struggle with saying no, trimming my calendar back and getting adequate rest. Thank you for helping me (us) refocus this morning. Suzi

  74. Erin says

    I love the image of the measuring cups — I’m in the process of discovering God’s purpose for me and I agree, we don’t want to take time doing something that was meant for someone else. This process can only be accomplished through communion with the Lord by spending time in His word. When we quiet ourselves, He will speak and give us discernment.

  75. Joyce says

    Thank you for the chart to check myself and see if I’m living my life according to God’s standards and plans and not my own.

  76. Susan says

    I love this post. It’s exactly what I’ve been striving for – a balanced life. My biggest burdens: feeling as if I haven’t spent quality time w/ my children throughout the day, having a very messy, dirty house, knowing what to make for dinner, “spending sufficient time” w/ my husband and finishing (or starting) those darn scrapbooks. Usually not one of these things gets done day in and day out. A load of laundry might get done, but there are 10 piles waiting for me and have been for weeks. Yet, I have one kid in the playroom who is screaming that his brother is hurting him and a baby in the kitchen who wants to be held . . . I could go on. I’m frustrated. My only problem w/ your post is – does it include this scenario? Or am I just in a hopeless state?

    • Rebecca says

      I can very much relate to you. In fact, I feel like you’re talking about my life (minus the scrapbooking). Time in God’s Word and prayer helps my day go more smoothly, but I still struggle with balancing it all. Just wanted to let you know that you’re not alone!

      • CT Momma says

        I also can totally relate. You definitely are not alone. I think the meal planning that Glynnis has written about at different times helps me when I’ve actually followed through on it, which has been rare unfortunately. When I did follow through, I felt less stress on meals, etc. I think Glynnis had a great point in her book “I used to be so organized” where she says, in the midst of chaos, pause and prioritize what needs to be done, don’t just jump to the first thing you think of. Good luck!

  77. says

    Wow! Just read todays proverb 31. Awesome. That sounds like my life story! Children, home, work, church. How can i cut back any more. Must b doing something wrong.

  78. says

    I’ve been trying to reorganize my schedule and find balance again after a job change 2 months ago added 1 1/2 hours to my daily commute. Thanks for the reminder that God has provided the time to do what I need to and no more. I still think I need to exercise (I haven’t been to the gym in over a month), but there are other things I need to drop instead.

  79. Susan D. says

    This past week I over-scheduled my weekend, thinking I could squeeze it all it in..but didn’t take into consideration all the needs of my family. Your message helped me to see this not a one time offense, but a chronic problem. I need to de-clutter and practice going to God to prioritize my schedule, before I consider allowing “yes” to roll of my tounge. Thanks for the needed perspective! Looks like I need to take notes when I read your book! :-)

  80. Linny says

    What a timely post, Glynnis! I appreciate the word picture of trying to put 1.5 cups of milk into a one-cup utensil, because it is easy to understand and then apply to my life. I have assumed that my changing life circumstances (caring for mother with dementia) do not alter my commitments….this post helped me to see the folly in that. Saying no is a challenge, but by God’s grace enabling me to set His priorities in my life, I will be able to joyfully say yes to His call on my life, not to my own desires to “do it all!”

  81. Cathy says

    Thank you Glynnis for this wonderful devotion this morning. We as women are always struggling with the issue of balance. I remember years ago I was at a Moms in Touch ( now called Moms in Prayer) retreat and Fern Nicols spoke to our group about priorities. I remember her words of wisdom saying ” You can’t give your family the crumbs of what is leftover after you have done your volunteering and ministry work and whatever else you have said yes to! Those words spoke to my heart that day and I started peeling away those things in my life that were not part of God’s plan for me. What a difference it made! God bless you and this wonderful ministry to Women! Blessings….

  82. Amber says

    Thank you Glynnis! Organizing is sooo my priority. I love this list you made. I will plan to update it to my family, prioritize what needs to be done, then slowly start to work the list. You are such a blessing to me!

  83. says

    Thanks for your comments. I am completely overwhelmed right now, and starting to feel it in my chest with papitations . I am a care giver for my grandmother who lives with me and has alzeheimers. I also am a mom and wife, and grandmother, and I work full time. Trying to organize all the sitters, and take care of my home, job and one yr old grandson leaves no time for me to relax. My daughter and her one yr old son just moved back home, and she just started working to make ends meet. So my husband and I have had to take up alot of the care for our precious grandson. I am currently doing the on line unglued bible study, and praying to God to help me find the right balance in my life. I fear putting my grandmother in a nursing home, and everytime I think about it I feel the palpitations even more. Yet I don’t know how much longer I can take care of her. She has been with me for 12 yrs. I know this is a season, and I am praying to God for wisdom, and to help me finish well what we started 12 yrs. ago when my grandma came to live with us. Pray for me during this difficult time. God bless you.

  84. Kathy H says

    It brings some comfort to know that I am not alone in this struggle. I want structure and peace, but too busy to work them in. Thanks for the devotion. God is alive and well and only He can help me to prioritize. Proverbs 31 and those God uses through this ministry is a huge help and source of encouragement. Thanks for all you do!

  85. Katie I says

    I struggle with this balance life everyday. I know I am not the only single working mom with a kid but balance is………. not my strong suit. I struggle just to know where God wants me today much less beyond this week. I know the priorities but why they can’t seem to fit into a schedule I struggle with. I am so thankful though that you and the P31 ministries provide me with an “in box” daily 5 minutes of re-foucsing on what should be top priority. Thank you thank you thank you.

  86. Stefanie says

    Trying to find that balance has been my current struggle, and passion for remedy, for quite some time now. It seems that every time I think “I’ve” got it figured out, God changes my situation. I’m trying to listen to Him (which means s-l-o-w-in-g down!). It’s a daily struggle trying to get those bare necssities done (4 kids from ages 1-17, homeschooling 1 with the toddler, the house, and my husband getting the leftover Me), and still stay focused on God. I love your helpful, thought-provoking insights. I had intention to do your 30-day challenge last January, but only made it to day 2. I’d love to win your book!

  87. Rosemarie K. says

    Just recently I had a health scare and thought I was having a heart attack only to find I was fine and it was my unbalanced life causing me to endure an excessive amount of stress in my life. My weekly planning in Hospitality, my cramming everything (cleaning the house, grocery shopping, baking, paying bills, etc.) into Saturday’s as my only day to to so as one who works outside the home Mon-Fri. It was then that I discovered that God was calling attention to something in my life, this UNBALANCED life of mine. However, I believe that God’s priority for my life was to work on my relationship with my sister who lives with me during this time and see the MARY who sits at Jesus’ feet as one more priority and that this is what I truly should be focused on. Keeping this in mind has given me a whole new perspective for my Saturday’s. God is sooooo good to have brought me this message today. THANK YOU AND GOD BLESS.

  88. Judy H. says

    Oh my goodness, you have spoken to my life today….and my heart. I am struggling right now with caring for an aging parent in my home and knowing God’s will for me with my mom plus figuring out boundaries to salvage my life and my life with my husband, grown children and grandchildren. My life is consumed with my mom right now and I realize I’m neglecting many other important relationships including the one with myself and the biggest one…my relationship with God. I’m so exhausted, depressed, and feeling inadequate. My mom fell while in the hospital and had a serious closed head injury and will be coming home at the end of the month in a much diminished state from where she was before the fall. I go over there every day but it never is enough and I can tell she needs me in the way a child needs it’s mommy. I’m struggling so hard right now. I turn to God but sometimes I fall asleep in the middle of my prayers. It’s kind of like a season you were talking about with your son but it has lasted for years and could for years to come. I just need some peace about all this. My mom needs me. My husband needs me. And let’s not even talk about my home and it needs me. And even though they’re not at home anymore, my children and grandchildren need me. Thanks for the email & blog today. It’s got me thinking, Glynnis.

  89. says

    I am so glad you wrote about priorities. It seems I am constantly struggling with this. God has made it abundantly clear to me that my first priority in this season of my life is my husband and kids. It is very difficult to put all the things I feel calling my name on the backburner. So many people have needs, and so many need a listening ear. God is teaching me that the needs of others will always be there, but for now my attention and focus is to be on raising the precious little souls He has given me, and helping my husband finish getting his degree. I am grateful for the reminder to seek God’s choices for my priorities, instead of my choices.

  90. Jennifer says

    This couldn’t have come at a more perfect time, but I think I would have said that yesterday, or a month, or a year ago. Being a “people pleaser” and wanting everyone around me to be happy, has taken away from my happiness. I realize that I am over committed but also need to feel confident in the choices I make and my service to the Lord. Pray, Pray, Pray Jenn! I feel that my family is who I needs more of my attention. I give a lot to my church, my friends, and sadly, to myself. I lay down at night upset that I didn’t give enough to my kids, my husband, and to Jesus. Thank you for this reminder. I could read it every day and benefit from it. :) God Bless your Ministry!

  91. Amy says

    Thanks Glynnis! Over-committment is a huge issue for me! I hate telling anyone no. I work full-time, run 4 kids to activities three nights a week, teach Wednesday night children’s church, run a cake business on the side, attend class once a week, cook, clean, shop and then drop into bed every night. I have no idea how I get it all done. I’m the queen of multi-tasking. I’m afraid if I don’t start prioritizing and getting rid of excess that I will burn-out or just stop enjoying the things I once found enjoyment in. Thanks for the encouragement!

  92. says

    God is clearly showing me that my priority right now to to tie up all of the loose ends in our home. Then He can lead me onto the next chapter of my life.

  93. Ann says

    My priority I need to work on is seeing how important being the emotional support for my husband is (he’s in ministry) instead of making sure all the tasks are getting done. (Can you tell I am highly task oriented? LOL)

  94. Jana says

    My home and my family need more attention! I really struggle withe understanding my priorities and knowing what to lay down in my life. I have been trying to lay down more of my outside jobs so I’m not stressed and my health and family do not suffer because of it. Have a blessed day!

  95. Laura says

    Thank you, thank you, thank you for this blog. I have the same problem with over committing to projects. I want so badly to serve, especially at church, but if I am doing too much, I get rushed and stressed and it is just not meaningful anymore. I recently had to look hard at my schedule and eliminate several things. I am still one to raise my hand and offer to help, but I try to make sure I am going to have partners to share the load with me. Also, I try to remember that if I take on a project God intended for someone else, I have robbed them of a blessing.

  96. Robin Shepherd says

    Would love to read your book. Feel like I can’t ever complete things to the best of my ability due to all the things I have piled on my plate. I just want to do the things God has for me to do to the best of the abilities He has given me. Sometimes it is hard to prioritize. I am definitely a “yes” girl! Learning to say no!

  97. Laurie H. says

    As a chronic over-scheduler, I could completely relate to your devotional and post. The word “yes” comes flying out of my mouth so frequently. My loving husband just sighs. He tries to gently admonish me, reminding me that I am trying to do too much in the time that I have. Too often, I dismiss him, knowing in my heart he’s right. I ask God for direction at least daily, but usually miss His divine answer. I could really use some help aligning my priorities with God’s will…

  98. Tracy R says

    That part about getting annoyed at your husband because he seems to be able to sit and watch football when there is so much to do made me laugh out loud. It’s because I can relate, that was me just two days ago with Monday night football. I always feel like I have so much to do and never enough time to do it in. I know that I am guilty of picking up responsibilities that were never mine to begin with. Most of the time I end up neglecting the things that matter most in order to fulfill the obligations of things that don’t really matter. That never gives me the satisfaction that I think I will find from completing a task, instead it leaves me disappointed and frustrated. Thank you for this post. It reminded me of a problem that I have been aware of but didn’t really want to deal with.

  99. says

    I “harumph-ed” right alongside you when I read that sentence. That sounds like my life, too. On top of working full time and taking care of home, children’s school, doing online bible studies, I have neglected the one room in my house that needs organizing and cleaning. It used to be called my “scrap room” when I still did scrapbooking (or more realistically, when I collected scrapping supplies) but I wanted it for months now to be my Jesus Room where I can study and have all my books in one place. I need help.
    Sad, eh?

  100. says

    What a wake-up call this blog post was for me! I am in desperate need of balance. Between this and what you wrote about putting 1 1/2 cups into a 1-cup container, I have a lot to think about tonight.

    I made a list similar to yours, listing all of my To-Dos. I got tired just reading it, but I’ll finish it and then review what really matters. I added in TV time and phone calls and Facebook, too, because while they aren’t priorities, they do take a lot of my time. And so I need to decide where they fit. I’ll also be decluttering!

  101. says

    At 66 and retired, I have continued to do what I did in my professional life — overcommit, say yes to too many people and things — and just last night told my husband (before reading this) I needed to put down on paper EVERYTHING I want/need to do in my life and then prioritize. This morning I clicked on the link to your blog in my daily email from Proverbs 31 and here is a similar plan! God is speaking to me through you — Hallelujah, Praise the Lord! Thanks for posting this awesome message, Glynnis.

  102. Vonnie Kronk says

    Your words are always so on target for me! I am Way Out of balance in my life & not just with priorities….I physically now have a balance problem because of my Brain Injury in 2007. Before the accident, I use to be so organized & now I need help getting things back to order at least!

  103. Candice D. says

    Thank you so much for your devotion today. It hit home with me. I am a mother of three beautiful little girls, ages 2, 5, & 6. I have a wonderful supportive husband that works for our local sheriff’s department and has a very bad work schedule. I take care of all our children’s activities and work full time myself at our local hospital. We are involved in dance on Mondays and Thursday, then we have cheerleading practice on Mondays and Thursday with games on Tues. I am the cheerleading coach and on the board of directors for our rec. league. On Wednesday nights we are very involved with Church and currently today starting our Christmas practice which I am leading. Some night I lay in bed at 11pm and just talk to God and ask for the strength to continue to do has he would like me to. I wanted to be involved in my children’s lives as much as possible but I feel overwelhmed all the time. I will sit down tonight after church and the kids are in the bed which will be close to midnight and write my list.
    Thank you again. I love you blog and devotions :) They have changed my life completely.

  104. Julie says

    At this point, it seems my children are not as high a priority as they should be, considering they are both under 5. I am still in my year of waiting for commitments to end and continuing to say “no” to new ones that come up. Thanks for your encouragement in this long process!

  105. Susan says

    Thanks for your post and the devotional in Proverbs 31 today. Priorities are a big issue for me. Our marriage is in crisis, I work part-time, we have lots of clutter that I am attacking,both of our mothers need our attention, and we have 7 kids and 6 grand kids! Your list is very helpful, and I will borrow it, since you give permission!

  106. chris says

    Thank you so much for this reminder! I am always telling people that I’m juggling all these plates and it stresses me out! Sometimes the plates come crashing down. They are about to come crashing down, so this is the perfect time to sit down and work on my priorities checklist! Thank you.

  107. Helen Kennedy says

    What a great reading for me this morning. It’s 5.00 a.m. and I am awake thinking of the day that lay ahead. Trying to get a balance in ones life is not easy, but I love what you said about keeping our eyes on God and his priorities for us. Too often we are swamped with our commitments and forget to focus on what is truly necessary. I am a teacher and am now coming to the end of my holiday (scheduled time without the kids). During this time I have stayed with my daughter helping her with her two sick babes, visited friends that I have not had time to catch up with during the school term, caught up on paper work, prepared for next term, thought about all the domestic chores needing to be done around the house, snatched some time with my partner, and believe or not have been sick. I know exactly why too…. What can I do? Yes, take care of my health. How? By asking God to help me prioritize my daily schedule. We get on this treadmill and find it difficult to get off. However, we can make life a lot easier for ourselve if we follow the advice given in the reading today. Thank you so much. This was very timely for me and I am sure many others. Take care Glynnis.

  108. karen harrison says

    Thank you so much for sharing this devotional. This has been an encouragement to me. I have a full schedule with 3 children and taking care of my mom also. I homesvhool my two oldest children. Sometimes I feel stressed or at teats at time. I truly enjoy learning from your practical ideas ad well as the spiritual advice. God bless.

  109. Shoni Freeman says

    This is speaking directly to me right now. I am seeking greater balance, and those questions your posted are going to help me. I need to remember what He purposed me to do so I don’t get bogged down with a lot of “other stuff,” including stuff that drains me of time and energy needlessly. So thank you!

  110. Rebecca says

    The priority that needs more attention in my life is my family…being present when it’s time to spend quality time together.

  111. Lorri says

    Great post. I seem to get so overwhelmed that I just shut down. I do only what I have to which is go to work 5 days a week. Then I feel guilty for not doing more. I’m often gone from my house for 10 – 12 hours a day. That doesn’t leave much time for husband or house keeping. My heart is truly at home and I often joke that working only gets in my way of living :) Meaning, I could certainly fill my time with things I feel that God is leading me to if I didn’t have to work to keep the bills paid. Finding a balance, yes, that would be a great thing.

  112. says

    First, let me tell you- you have been such a blessing to my life through your posts & devotionals. Thank you!!
    I have prayed for years about my priorities and this year God showed us we needed to Home school our children. In doing this I would need to leave ALL my past volunteering and organization rolls behind. God has showed me many blessings through this new journey and many new friends. I love to be with my family and serve the Lord daily through this “season” of my life. I pray one day I look back and see what a blessing that this service will be in the lives of my children and their children!

  113. Shaana says

    Wow….I think God is trying to tell me something today! I went to mass this morning, as I do every Wednesday morning with my 3 daughters school. The gospel message and homily were all about priorities and realizing and accepting God’s will and plan for our lives. I came home and checked in with facebook and found that a friend posted Ecclesiastes 3:1 along with the prayer that you have on your daily devotion. I had no idea where she had gotten the prayer. I have never heard of Proverbs 31 Ministries until today when I heard it mentioned on WIBI Family Friendly radio. I decided to look it up just a few minutes ago and much to my surprise I found the same verse and prayer! Needless to say, I am realizing that God is speaking to me today! I have been feeling very overwhelmed lately with all of my duties and tasks and have been searching for ways to “balance” my life. This book sounds awesome and I truly believe that I have been directed to your blog very intentionally today! Thank you so much!!

  114. Susan K says

    I’ve been blessed with a less-busy season of life as we start life in a new city. Even with this though, I desire to spend more quality time with hubby and daughter! Gotta remember not to let the urgent take priority over the important!

  115. says

    Thanks for this message today. I recently left my job to stay home with my son. I had been running a part-time photography business before I left my job so it is now my full-time income. I am having a very difficult time figuring out how to balance being a new mom and working from home… all while my husband and I have only had two date nights since our son was born almost a year ago. (One was grabbing a quick bite to eat on our 5th anniversary.) So there are lots of areas in my life I need help with finding the balance for. Thanks so much!!

  116. Sharon Burkes says

    To this I must say AMEN!!! You truly preached to my soul on this one.. Thank You for the direction today and I also Thank You for helping me see things clearly. Its soo easy to loose focus on whats important when you have kids(6-boys) Dogs & A Bird all asking for things and pulling you in different directions to get un-orgazinzed and way off task.. I Thank You for reminding me to simply say no and to Breathe and get back into the basics of the word.. The part you said about Balancing THE BASICS of life.. for some reason that was a big Gong for me becuase I am soo busy trying to do everything that Im forgetting the Basics.. as I turn my head and see a sink full of Well I will be back on here this is my first time and I cant’t Thank God enough for bringing me to your blog.
    Im not sure how to enter the drawing for your book but please trust the fact that I sure could use it..
    God Bless

  117. Rebecca Portteus says

    I am a bit embarrassed to say this, but definitely my husband and our marriage. I have slowly been whittling away at my schedule, but I definitely need to make sure I get to that! Thank you Glynnis for such a wonderful blog!

  118. Carolina says

    This is so timely! I was thrust into a more active caregiver role for my father a year ago. I took many things off my plate to be able to be there for him but it was still a struggle to do basic things. Now our situation is changing again and I will be not as involved so I am praying about what God wants me to do and not just put everything back on my plate that I took off a year ago.

  119. Erin S. says

    Thank you for your wonderful and timely post! It was much needed and very helpful. Lately I’ve been feeling very overwhelmed with everything that needs to be done (for my children, husband, home and church) and feel like I don’t even know where to begin. I think that your list of questions will help me to be honest with myself and really clarify how I should be spending my time and where my priorities need to be right now. As always, you are such a blessing! Thank you!

  120. Marilyn R. says

    For me the priority that needs more of my attention is the de-cluttering and re-organization of my bedroom. I have started and do a little bit when I can, but I know if I would just put in a few hours in one day, I could get it accomplished.

  121. Jana says

    As a stay at home mother of 5, I definitely needed a reminder to let God show me where to prioritize! Thank you! It’s easy to get caught up in thinking that you have to do it all and then feel like a failure when you can’t. None of us are super mom, but with Gods help, we can get it all done!

  122. Reva S. says

    I like reading your blog posts that come in my email. You have a busy schedule too so it’s great to learn things from an “expert.”

    The priority that needs my attention is getting rid of clutter that has accumulated over the past three years due to a full time school schedule and having my last baby in 2009. Our house hasn’t got any bigger, but our family and the things we have in it have. I will be looking forward to your book helping me with the de-cluttering process (and not becoming overwhelmed).

    I have taken your advice in another area – what to do with all your kids school paperwork. We now have a three drawer storage cart in the kitchen (where the paperwork accumulates). Each drawer has a child assigned to it. Three kids…three drawers! I know it sounds simple, but it has really helped this school year already. I need to track my oldest’s paperwork (who has just started middle school); more paperwork, different expectations, etc. It is different from elementary school; he has a lot more homework and this system helps him stay organized too. Everything goes in there and we know where to find it if we need it later.

  123. michelle h says

    love your comments today! Have been thinking and praying through these issues this fall as I head into what was supposed to be a ‘rest’ year and has already taken off out of control!

  124. Mary says

    Sooo needed this today. Was just talking about this to my best friend last night – we are prayer partners and we read inspirational books together. I feel like I am a life transition and I am listening to the Lord for what is next. Who knows what adventure is next – but one thing I do – I have to get rid of committments before taking more on! Duh! LOL!

  125. says

    Thanks for the encouragement in today’s devotional. I definitely need to schedule time for my aging mother. She has been a widow for 3 years now and I really have not taken time to be with her using the distance of 350 miles as an excuse as well as my family and church responsibilities. Rethink and regroup.

  126. Amy says

    Today’s devotional and blog speak to me and my life at it is at the moment. There are days that I really feel like I’m moving backwards instead of forward. :)
    I think I will do what you did and write it all down, see what can be deleted or delegated, then move on from there.

    Thank you so much for your wisdom and encouragement.

  127. Jennifer T says

    Thank you so much for the devotion and blog post. I have been really feeling overwhelmed with life lately, juggling upcoming job and financial changes – ok really I am over- worrying. Because of all this I have neglected my husband, relationship with God, and housework. Determining priorities is such a struggle because it all seems so important. Thanks for this encouragement. Hearing other women’s stories makes me feel so much less like a failure.

  128. says

    I use to be so organized ~ 15 minutes early no matter where I went ~ I was told that my home felt like one of those warm homes from a magazine ~ even though I have always struggled with my weight it was perfectly manageable ~ I was the good Bible study girl always prepared ~ NOW I’m always rushed ~ late ~ home is a mess ~ weight is up ~ last minute Bible study girl ~ what changed? ~ I got married and am blissfully joyful with my new family ~ HOWEVER ~ I’d love to be that always early never rushing everything in it’s place home weight managed always Bible studying girl on top of being blissfully joyful :-) I pray every morning that today will be the day that all things fall into place once again :-) Blessing and Joy ~

  129. Julie says

    I need to give more attention to my relationship to God. I also need to get housework done even when I don’t feel like it. That is very hard, as I am 8 months pregnant and finding motivation is very hard, because I am struggling with fatigue and have a hard time getting motivated to do much at all.

  130. Holly says

    I definitely need to spend more time Listening to God. I am extremely limited in what I can do right now due to some health problems. Have had to pick the most important thing that no one else will do – fix nutrious meals to focus on. Really hard to either be in bed or stuck in the recliner very aware of what else I think needs to be done. Instead need to focus on what it is God wants me to do during this time.

  131. Melanie says


    Thank you for seeking God’s will in your life. Because of your obedience, I am among many being blessed by your words. They speak Truth, they shed light and they bring encouragement. If that’s what I benefit from your obedience, I can only imagine who would benefit from my own.

    My prayer for the Lord to teach me organization has been a journey. What started out as a practical prayer has grown into much more. As I become more organized, I teach my children to do the same. It isn’t easy to watch them struggle with this very topic but I believe the Lord encourages me to pass on what I’ve learned. I can easily relate to feeling frantic and not knowing how to prioritize. Your practical suggestions help simplify and that seems to be just what I need to get started in the right direction. I’m asking the Lord to help me finish strong and give me the ability to pass my wisdom to my children (who happen to be 22, 19, & 16). Thank you for sharing your wisdom. You’re a blessing!

  132. Melissa T says

    I always feel as if your posts are written just for me! I truly used to be organized….ten years ago before I had three boys. Now, I do a really great job of prioritizing work responsibilities OR my family responsibilities, but can’t seem to find just the right balance of the two. Unfortunately, it is usually my husband and children that suffer. I am working hard to just give it to God though. Thank you for your blog…I always enjoy reading your post and take something away that helps me in my Spiritual walk!

  133. Kristin says

    Thank you for being so transparent and courageous enough to address a topic that so many modern age women who are struggling to “have it all” feel burdened by every day. May God bless you for continuing to share your own experiences, challenges and prayers.

  134. Crystal says

    Thank you for such a great devotion and post because for me it is so timely. I think I know what I’m supposed to be doing, but I keep filling my days with being busy rather than doing the important things. Today I did the important things and still had time for the busy things. Things work better when I follow God’s priorities :)

  135. Angela says

    THis is exactly that I need to read and hear today. I am so overwhelmed with everything that I can’t do anything well. I am a mother of 4 kids, a wife to a farmer who is not around this time of year and a homemaker. I want to spend more time with my kids, but I feel there is so much that needs to be done that I tend to shove them off and I feel horrible about it. I know God is calling me to be the best mother and wife I can be, but I can’t do it because there is so much!! Help!!

  136. Latrelle says

    I’ve not yet made running my home a priority–I live alone and it’s so easy to put that first on the “needs” list—-BUT last on the “to do” list !!

  137. Marlyn says

    I neglect my family. I am a school counselor and deal with student and family issues all day. I try to be patient, empathetic, kind…and a great listener. But I am so overwhelmed by the end of the day that I don’t feel like “counseling” my own family. I don’t want to hear about problems ir anything. I feel guilty because I leave all my energy and listening skills at worl and there is nothing left when i get home. I need to get better abou this.

  138. Loralee Collins says

    As usual, this is what I needed to read. I just read Jeremiah 45 and Jeremiah’s scribe was complaining to God about all the trouble he has had in his life. God replied, this isn’t the time for you to try to be great, I am doing a huge work, at least you are escaping with your life. That chapter and your blog have reminded me that I have to keep my focus on Him and only then will the pieces fall into place.

  139. Deerokc says

    Thank you for relieving some guilt for saying “no” to another church committee. Even after saying no 3 separate distinct times, I was Asked why I would not serve on this particular committee. I have felt guilt even though I know I made the correct decision for me. Hopefully, remembering 1.5 cups does not fit in a 1 cup life will keep the guilts away.

  140. says

    I can’t tell you how perfectly timed this post it! I just came back from a weeklong workshop all about growing my business. But the funny thing is,I came home not with a list if things to make my business better but with goals on how my family needs to be my first priority! I struggle with overcommitment. I have never accomplished enough and I am newer enough. I never before realized that maybe the reason I can’t do it all is because I’m trying to jam to much into what my life can handle. This week we talked so much about “balance” from a worldly perspective. Coming home to this post is exactly what I needed! The Lors has so much work to do in me…but thank you for steering me down the right path!

  141. Karin says

    Oh. My. Word. This is me. I am speechless.
    Thank you for sharing the questions you use to get back on track. I will try them.

  142. Tammy M says

    Thankyou so much for this devotion! I was so overwhelmed with the chaos in my life last night that my chest started hurting. I can always tell that my anxiety level is too high when this happens. The main thing I am dealing with is organizing my daughter’s homework and time at night. Somehow my family assumes I am the keeper of all things, so they just lay their homework and supplies everywhere and think I should know exactly where they left it!

  143. Norma Thibodeau says

    I’ve struggled with the over comitting all my live. Being the eldest of 7. I always did so much more at home to help mom out, and I also wanted to join every club and sports activity at school. I got married and had my children at a young age (18). Now I had a husband, child and continued helping my parents. When my 4 children were old enough I was involved in their school classrooms,fundraisers, parent comittees, preschool programs, football, t-ball, cheerleading, basketball, soccer,softball, track, pheeew tired already, did you notice more activities than kids. Plus a house, husband and yes still helping mom out. Well this continued for 12 years plus some abuse from my husband, finally I left with my childen 2 states away. I continued my routing with my children, full time job and even went back to school but now I was also becoming very social so I had to be there those social engagements. Fast forward, I remarried, my children are all grown and out of the home (3 military). Now I have an empy nest and to much time but I can’t seem to organize my self. I have been reaching out to Jesus for some purpose and guidance. Thank you for the encouragement.

  144. Polly Schneider says

    Thanks, Glynnis, for this devotion. I love Rom 12: 1,2. I find I always need to be reminded of my priorities. You are such an encouraging person and I love your posts. Keep up the good work!
    God Bless You.

  145. Mary L says

    Being an empty nester for the last three years has been difficult for me to adjust too. I’m trying to rediscover my own passions while supporting my husband in our struggling family business and begin caring for my aging mother-in-law. Knowing God’s will and prioritizing are my heart’s cry right now. Thank you for your words of encouragement today, that I am not alone.

  146. Karen R says

    I was always taught a balanced life is more like a wheel, with God at the center and everything else radiating off like the spokes. Unfortunately, I drive around with a flat tire because I give priority to work, family and friends but always manage to short-change myself. Even my commitments at church tend to crowd me out. Thank you for your checklist. I am going to sit down tonight and use it to pump a little air back into the spoke that refreshes me. I know I will be a better witness for the Lord if I do.

  147. says

    Thank you, Glynnis, for your wonderful devotional & blog! I do not have children at home any longer, but I still tend to be a 1-1/2 cupper too. Balance was something I struggled with while I was raising my 2 daughters with husband, full-time (read overtime) job, church and ministry volunteer work.

    Now I’m in a different phase of life but I still struggle with not filling every spare minute with something, especially if it appears to be “God’s work”. I still have a full-time job, just starting to work as a Christian counselor, deeply involved with a healing ministry which now includes website management and blogging as well as training and board duties, moved into a new apartment, co-teaching a small group, my eldest daughter is getting remarried next month, and I have two grandchildren I want to spend time with.

    Whew! And God is calling me to spend more time with Him and on my health. So I will be taking the time to work through your questions and prayerfully seek God’s will.

    Thanks again for sharing your journey and “checklist”.


  148. Janet says

    I’m so overwelmed & disorganized right now I dont know where to start.
    My Mom recently passed away & my Dad is in bad health. My home & finances have been on the back burner for some time. I would love to win the book which would hopefully help me get a handle on things.


  149. Stacy Fortenberry says

    I feel like I have to slow down and evaluate my to-do list and my priorities! I am sure they are out of whack!
    thanks for wise direction,
    Stacy Fortenberry

  150. Shannon Bailey says

    Thank you for this — I especially love the idea that I may have TIME to do many things but not necessarily the ENERGY. It’s NOT just about having an organized schedule – it’s about being in God’s will for my life, in this season. Great reminder.

  151. Careen says

    I need to balance my time. As I sit to read this, a day late I might add, I am reminded that God’s will isnt for me to give all my time away leaving the leftovers for Him and myself…..which often there isnt any left for either of us. I would like to be more purposeful. Would love to hear how God has spoken to you and led you to do this. Thank you for the wonderful articles, devotions and encouragement you give.

  152. tj says

    I struggle with time management in the evenings after work. I will get lost in something and then all of a sudden, it’s gotten late and I still haven’t done the dishes or walked the dogs or done my daily reading. Then I don’t have time left to do the things the I really intended to do but I can’t get to.

  153. Jenn says

    I have a hard time not saying “Yes.” So I mostly feel overwhelmed and often underappreciated at work. Home is a little better, but I notice that I always have a long to-do list there, too. Praying to get God’s to-do list in use, instead of mine or the world’s.

    I have NEVER been “so organized,” but would love to read your book and get that way. :-)

    God bless you!

  154. Onita J. says

    Hi, Glynnis!
    I have “it” so good–”it” meaning my life: I live in an assisted-living facility, where all all my meals are prepared for me, my laundry is done for me, and yet, I moan & complain to God Almighty on a variety of matters!! For me, the biggest problem I have is to incorporate my story-writing with my not-yet-started crocheted Christmas gifts, and work in naps [for the multiple sclerosis related fatigue]. Life sometimes is pretty exhausting!!

  155. Amy says

    You always are right on time with what I am struggling with at any given moment. I love your chart and I have been praying over the different things you have in the chart with the exception of the first one. I never have thought of what can only I do. I am thankful for your post today because I realize I was missing some things in my prayers. I am so glad you answered the nudge to write. You have helped me more than you can imagine!

  156. Beth H says

    Good post. There’s a big difference between juggling things and having a balanced life. Sad to say, I am a juggler . . . at least currently. I am striving towards balance.

  157. Marci says

    My marriage needs more attention. I get so busy “doing” for children and others, that I forget about my husband and that he needs me too.

  158. CT Momma says

    Great post today. I really like your chart. I often feel like I’m forgetting something or behind on everything, but in actuality I’m probably fairly caught up – it’s just that nagging feeling of always having to do something and always so much to do. I just always feel behind even when I’m not, oy! This chart reminds me to look at it and BREATHE! and probably write stuff down to clear my head! Thanks!

  159. says

    Hmm is anyone else encountering problems with the pictures on this blog loading?
    I’m trying to determine if its a problem on my end or if it’s the blog.
    Any responses would be greatly appreciated.

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