God’s Great Gift Exchange


What an honor it was to pray for so many of my dear readers yesterday.  Leah, Natalie and I read through each of them, and tried to respond to most of them.  If we didn’t respond to you, please know you were prayed for by us.  And one of you will receive a copy of God’s Purpose for Every Woman.  The winner is listed at the end of today’s post.

I’m confident God heard these prayers and is already moving on our behalf.  May our eyes be open to see His work.

Today I want to introduce another friend, Van Walton.  When I moved to Charlotte in 1998, Van was one of the first people to befriend me.  Amazingly, she had started a ministry to women who had moved, and I was blessed by her love and hospitality.

She’s a teacher at heart, and loves God’s Word.  I hope you enjoy her post today.

Here’s Van …


Gift exchanges seem to be a highlight of many Christmas gatherings. I always enjoy the simple act of exchanging small gifts, no strings attached, happy evening, a friendly retreat from chaos.

One night, after the neighborhood gift exchange, I drifted off to sleep while my mind played with thoughts of gift exchanges. I realized God was the first to offer a gift exchange! But, unlike the inexpensive and low-key parties I attend, His gathering was a costly affair.

I ponder that first Christmas, moved by the gifts exchanged between God and his chosen ones.

When the angel came to Mary, she was planning a once-in-a-life-time event. Yet, in one brief moment she exchanged her wedding night for the one night when the course of human kind changed forever. Instead of giving her heart away fully to Joseph, her betrothed, she allowed her heart to be stolen by her son – Jesus,

When the angels came to the shepherds, they were carefully tending to their sheep, a livelihood requiring around-the-clock attention. Yet, with complete abandon, they exchanged their legacy of land and lambs for a moment to bow before the Lamb of God who offered them an eternal inheritance.

When the star shown in the heavens, Star Gazers were busily mapping out the future. Yet, with amazing generosity they carried treasures of great wealth forward into the unknown. Stepping into the presence of the King of the universe, they exchanged their treasures for an even greater Treasure, the privilege of gazing into the face of Jesus’, the Bright and Morning Star.

I consider God’s gift exchange. It is always costly and requires sacrifice. Yet, when we willingly exchange our dreams, our passions, and our futures for His purpose, the return is always a matchless gift of eternal value!


What a beautiful portrait of the Gift we are all offered every day of the year.  Thank you, Van, for writing this with such tender care.

Van would love to bless three people today with a DVD copy of her children’s book “From the Pound to the Palace.”  It’s the story of salvation told through the eyes of a puppy who was once lost, but then was found.  This is a wonderful gift for a child in your life.

To enter, please post a comment with the best gift you’ve ever given or received.  I’ll pick three winners tonight and announce them tomorrow.


Van Walton’s childhood experiences in the Colombian jungles and Andes Mountains of South America laid the foundation for her passion to bring Jesus into the hearts of Latina women. Working with a team of translators and partnering with Proverbs 31 Ministries has turned her vision into a reality. Van, the author of From the Pound to the Palace, a children’s book about the family dog,  teaches in a Christian school. In her spare time she writes, facilitates Bible studies in her community and church and travels with her husband of 41 years from their home in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Van has been blogging this month on her Spanish blog.  Please stop by to see how she is ministering to our Spanish-speaking sisters.  Click here.


Yesterdays winner of “God’s Purpose for Every Woman” is:

Sherry who posted at 2012/12/18 at 8:14 am.

It was an honor to pray for every comment yesterday.  May you all experience the gift of God’s peace, hope and joy.



  1. Susan Fryman says

    Honestly, there’s not a Christmas gift that I’ve given or received that just stands out. The gift that truly does stand out for me is the birth of Jesus. All my life even as a child I’ve really focused on this event at Christmas. We try to have the Christmas spirit all through the year, I think that’s why nothing really stands out. This book on DVD sounds wonderful and we have several grandkids that are the perfect age for this and would appreciate it so much. Thank you for posting today. Good luck to all who enter for the drawing. Blessings & Merry Christmas, Susan Fryman

  2. Lisa R says

    When my daughter was little she LOVED homemade milkshakes. One year she talked Grandma into taking her shopping to buy me a Christmas gift. My mother obliged & let my sweet girl take the lead on gift choice…that year I received a lovely hand-held ice cream shake blender :-) While it was not a gift I would have chosen for myself, it turned out to be a gift that gave to both of us because we had many laughs & sweet memories over the years using it together and chuckling about the gift she bought “for Mom” that year.

  3. Shanamarie Harville says

    Every year I always fret over whether or not my gifts are good enough. Most of the time I decide they are inadequate. I usually wish I had picked something else, the other item I had been so close to buying for that particular person. So as I pondered your question I can only say the greatest gift I have given is my 24 years of serving our country as an Air Force medic. God has blessed me abundantly to be able to continue sacrifice every part of my life for our beautiful and blessed country. Thank you for your sweet Christmas blog and Merry Christmas.

    • Joyce C. says

      Of course my salvation!
      Then my husband and I giving our hearts to each other on our wedding day, December 24, 1993.
      After 8 yrs of unexplained infertility (no medical reason why) being blessed with our son and two years later our daughter! We’ve always said God needs no explanation as to why He does what He does.

  4. Melissa Fordyce says

    My best gift was -Learning about Jesus as a young child from the Sunday school teachers who poured into my life <3

  5. Jennifer R. says

    I often give my best friends gifts that will touch their heart and express how much their friendship means to me. One of my favorite gifts I’ve given was a baby quilt I made this past summer for one of my best friend’s new granddaughter. It was the first one I designed and did mostly on my own. I did have a little help with the sewing because I’m blind. I don’t know what my favorite gift is because often I’m given gifts that touch my heart and make me feel loved.

  6. Melissa Barnes says

    My greatest gift did not come on Chriztmas and actually I was not real happy about this gift. This gift won my heart when I looked into to her pure face on her birthday. My greatest gift is my duaghter! God knew what I never could!

  7. Julia says

    Well, after the obvious (Jesus), at risk of sounding cliche… my kids. Due to a medical issue, we weren’t sure I’d be able to have kids. Now we have seven in house and two in heaven – and with six weeks left in pregnancy # 6 testing showed that I carry a genetic disorder that should’ve caused the loss of all of them, but in stead we’ve just dealt with developmental delays. We all know that children are a gift – scripture tells us so – and a blessing (though not an unmitigated blessing…), but for some reason God has blessed us “abundantly beyond what we could ask or imagine” – and against all “odds” in our children. They truly are a wonder and a gift!

  8. Darcy says

    The best Christmas gift I have received would be a sewing machine which has allowed me to not only make clothes for my girls, but to bless others with gifts I’m able to make (because we can’t afford to spend cash).

  9. Sandy says

    The greatest gift I have received was my parents moving close by when our oldest son was born so that they could be a part of their lives growing up. My children are soon to be 17 (Friday), 14 and soon to be 9 (January 2). It has truly been a blessing to have them be able to be there to treat the children to special 1:1 times, to have them be able to attend the school plays, the ball games, the chorus productions, the band concerts, the dramas at church, etc. These are gifts that keep on giving and ones I will always treasure in my heart!

  10. Emma Marchese says

    My greatest gift was the day I asked Jesus to come into my heart as I knelt at my 16 year-old son, Keith’s grave. God has taken me a long way from where I used to be and He is the gift that keeps on giving. Praise be to Him!

  11. Laurie says

    Best gift this year I have given to my parents, to my sister, and to myself was making a family tree album of my parents’ lives up to our childhood!!!! For longest I can remember, photos were in shoeboxes. Now they are all in a beautiful album in categories with rich history!

  12. Michelle says

    While stationed overseas 20 years ago, my husband became a believer but did not tell me. His gifts to me were so different that Christmas that I remember them still. I don’t remember others but those gifts I cherish….a woman’s Bible, an Amy Grant cd, and a necklace with a beautiful cross….and a new life together going forward.

  13. says

    Jesus is the greatest gift of all for we are saved if we just believe. At this point in my life, another wonderful gift is the time I can spend with my son and grandson.

  14. Elizabeth says

    Best gift ever, from my husband about 10 years ago. Our middle child was diagnosed with pervasive development disorder ( on the autism spectrum) very young. Our son basically quit speaking or communicating at all for about 5 years after the diagnosis. We worked hard with therapists trying to get him to the point he could express himself. For Christmas, my husband wrote a letter, to me from Russell. It started like this, Dear mom, Just because I can’t talk doesn’t mean that I don’t love you. Thank you for your hard work in helping me everyday.etc. etc. During a very weary time in our life and marriage, this small, inexpensive letter meant so very much to me.

  15. Lisa Disselkoen says

    Jesus. The second best gift, my 3 children, 1 planned adoption, 1 surprise adoption and one surprise biological, praise God for the blessing of family!

  16. Georgia says

    I have received many wonderful gifts over the span of my life. One of the very best was about two or three years ago when my young nephew was healed of meningitis. He was in the hospital at Christmastime and we didn’t think he was going to survive. Many prayers were sent heavenward and we received a Christmas miracle that year. Forever grateful.

  17. Christina says

    My greatest Christmas gift(s) happened in the same year. My family was vacationing in Thailand in 2004 when the tsunami hit. We were miraculously protected from a variety of injuries and potentially life-threatening situations by the Grace of God. That was gift number one.

    Gift number two was returning to America, following the tsunami, to spend time with my boyfriend. And finding out that his experience of nearly losing me catapulted him to the realization that he couldn’t live without me. Prompting a early proposal of marriage from him!

    8 years and 2 beautiful children (and one on the way) later, I have daily reminders of God’s immeasurable Grace for myself and my family!

  18. Tami says

    This may sound funny, but the one gift out of probably thousands in my lifetime, was one Christmas when my sister-in-law gave us homemade cinnamon rolls (4) on Christmas Eve, that I took home & refrigerated & my husband popped into the oven early on Christmas morning & we laid in bed enjoying these wonderful, homemade cinnamon rolls. It was so special!

  19. says

    My greatest gift is most certainlyy daughter. Although she has special medical needs it has taughte to appreciate every day, every giggle, every moment that God blesses me with her presence.

  20. Diane C. says

    There are many “spiritual” answers, but on a human side there is one gift I remember fondly. My fiance was deployed to Vietnam. We had not seen each other in 6 months so it was a somewhat lonely Christmas. He sent a box of trinkets from his travels. Included was a wooden puzzle box with something inside. All of my family members were challenged by this box and desperately wanted to know what was inside. FINALLY one of my brothers managed to solve the puzzle and get it open. Inside was a beautiful cultured pearl ring. Next to my engagement ring it is one of the sweetest gifts my husband has given me. How I treasured it during those days of separation. It would be 6 more months before I’d see him again. That was over 40 years ago. what a touching memory.

  21. Marilyn M says

    Christmas 1983. My husband, a bricklayer at the time, was laid off from his job on his birthday, December 10. We had 3 small sons, ages 5, 2, & 7 months, and no way to provide Christmas presents for them. Some friends bought gifts for them! There were lots of inexpensive gifts, all wrapped separately. The boys had so much fun! There were also bags of groceries! It was a Christmas miracle for our family!

  22. Terri says

    This stood out to me, it is always costly and requires sacfice. Yet when we willingly exchange our dreams, our passions, and our futures for His purpose the return is ALWAYS a matchless gift of eternal value. This is the best gifts I received was by far worth the sacfice, the salvation of my family members through out the years. The ones that stand out as very costly was my sister Lisa who is with the Lord and my husband Don of 34 years. I received Christ in 1981 and him 1990. TO God be the Glory.

  23. says

    The best gift I received came in 2002 just a few days after Christmas. My parents were visitng from out of state and just two days after Christmas I went into labor with my second child – three weeks early! Sweet babe was born early the next morning and what a gift for my parents to be here when he came! They were to have left the day I went into labor but funny how God’s timing makes plans change. It was also such a gift to have a little one so close to Christmas to just have a glimpse into the timing of Mary and her miracle.
    Merry Christmas to all of you!

  24. JR says

    My greatest gift is when things in my life were at rock bottom my son has provided me with so much sorry and pain. But I still showed him all the love I knew how. My gift was from my daughter she knows how much I love my family so she made me a video with so many wonderful pictures of my family from the day of my marriage to the time she gave it to me which was a year ago. I cried with happiness all the way through it she blessed me with a gift any mother would love to receive especially when one of her children is walking the wrong path. I would love to win this gift for my granddaughter because her dad is still not living right. Please pray for them both. Merry Christmas

  25. Caroline says

    The best gifts I have recieved have been the little handmande ornaments that my children have made when they were younger. Every year I just love getting them out to hang on the tree. My children like looking at them too. I am sure all mothers feel the same way. Thanks

  26. Jamie says

    I think of my 3rd son as the best Christmas gift I never knew I wanted. Finding out I was pregnant with him came as a surprise &, honestly, it took me a few months to get excited about the idea. He was due a few days before Christmas & as the time grew closer & everywhere around me the anticipation for Christmas was growing. Although my family is not anything like the Holy Family, I thought of Mary so often that year & was just moved to tears thinking of how she also must have anticipated the birth of her son so much. I consider that Christmas 6 years ago my best ever.

  27. Rachel says

    The best gifts I ever received were received in 2007 and 2009. My girls. Hands down, the best gift EVER. To be given the privelage of becoming a mother and to have two beautiful healthy girls.

  28. Melanie Ayers-Richardson says

    The best gift that I ever received was when I was a little girl. I am the fourth of 6 children. My mother was a single parent. One Christmas, she did not have any money at all to get us Christmas gifts and she told us that, but the LOVE she had for us far surpassed any gift we could imagine. But, that Christmas morning, we received gifts from the Welfare Agency. My siblings got dolls and things, I received a sewing kit with material. I didn’t have a doll, but my sister did. So I made my sister some doll clothes and we had so much fun. From that experience, I was able to learn how to sew with a needle and thread. That was one of the fondest memories I had during my childhood. Didn’t have what other children received on Christmas, but I received the best gift, a sewing kit, and I will never, ever forget it.

  29. Molly Gross-Hudson says

    One Year ago, I gave my Daughter the gift of an earthly Father. Her natural Father has chosen to be abscent from her life. We had an emotional break which caused me to think that God, my Daughter, & my self could do just fine alone. I believe that God got my attention, in an interresting way I may ad. I heard him tell me that I was doing an injustice to my Daughter by not giving her a Father, and experiencing the Family life that God had designed. I met my current Husband 3 years ago, married him 1 year ago and God has Blessed me so greatly Thank-you God!

  30. Kelli B. says

    I don’t usually have surprises as gifts since I either have a wish list or buy my own gifts for my husband… a few years ago I got a special surprise – the last gift given to me was a small box and inside was a sweet heart-shaped necklace of pink rubies. A wonderful, special surprise from my husband that I treasure and wear often.

  31. Stacy B. says

    The greatest gift I’ve ever received is Jesus and beyond that the love of my husband and our two adorable children! We are so very blessed!

  32. Elainei says

    The greatest gift would be that I was raised by two fantasic parents that loved the Lord & was always there for me.

  33. Chris Keeter says

    greatest gift – that is hard to answer but I believe the greatest I received was from God-a husband who loves me and 2 really special children who keep my life full and crazy! Every day I try to wrap my heart around the gift of Jesus- and to learn to treasure that gift more and more each day.

  34. Mona says

    I have a favorite gift from childhood. A cute little pin, I still have it and the box also. It was a simple gift, but it brings back many happy memories for me. Also, Hallmark had a series of lighthouse ornaments. My husband gave me one every Christmas for the 13 years they had this series. I love putting them on the Christmas tree every year.

  35. says

    I’ll never forget the year we got a puppy – Sidney – she’s one of the best tangable gifts I’ve ever gotten. She loves me not matter what and is always happy to see me – who does that remind you of?

  36. Janice says

    The greatest gift I have gotten is God’s peace, especially during these stressful times. Also seeing my children serving the Lord…..

  37. Carmen says

    No one gift from Chirstmas stands above the rest – i most enjoy the gifts of memories made with family and friends.

  38. Phyllis S. says

    The best gift I ever received was Christian parents. I see so many people today that did not have a Christian upbringing. I was blessed with parents that wanted me to know our Lord and Savior. Knowing I could always count on God when there were tough times, and He always saved me. To know that I am just as important to Him as anyone else and that He provides and protects me. How could you NOT believe? Thank you Lord for my many blessings, and your Love and guidance!
    Merry CHRISTmas!

  39. leigh anne says

    The best gift that I revived was that of friendship. My best friend from high school were reunited after losing touch for about 8 years. It was exactly like old times when we reconnected, except we both had come to know Jesus while we were apart. We missed eachothers weddings, and some other major events, but I can say I am truly blessed by her friendship!!

  40. Heather S. says

    The greatest gift I’ve ever recieved was the gift of a study Bible from my husband last year which led to my salvation this past summer.

  41. Sarah says

    Hmm-my love language isn’t gifts so it is hard to name one that stands out although I have received many very loving gifts. However- my husband and I didn’t think we would be able to have a child and we were blessed with Abigail- whose name means joyful gift from the Father!

  42. says

    My favorite gift as a child was an electric blanket given to me by my Daddy. I always hated getting into a cold bed, and he would sometimes warm a blanket by the fire and then wrap me in it before putting me in bed. I thought I had arrived in Heaven when I was able to stay warm all night!!

    The story of “From the Pound to the Palace” is similar to my story called “From the Pavement to Paradise” (found on my website blog) about my precious little black kitten named Jazpurr. He was lost and under the hood of my car in my office parking lot when I heard him crying and rescued him. He is a valued member of our household now, along with our two other cats. They are all loved and treasured…just as God loves and treasures each of His children. Merry Christmas to all of you!!

  43. Marci says

    The best gift I’ve ever given AND received, is the gift of child care so that marriages can be worked on and treasured.

  44. Colleen Loerzel says

    To be honest, the best gift I ever received is when I was in 2nd grade. My dad had a massive heart attack at the beginning of the school year and we had to move out of the country into a town where we would be closer to work for my mom and where my dad could rest better. He was out of work for over 6 months and my mom only worked parttime then. We had been on welfare after my dad’s heart attack and the welfare agency took my 3 brothers and myself out to get gifts for our parents and our siblings. One of the gifts that I was given that year was a Bozo the Clown rubber doll with wire in the arms so you could manipulate it. We didn’t have much that year for Christmas but it is still the best Christmas ever experienced by me. We all just loved our time together.

    Thanks for the opportunity to share our favorite gifts. Even with our favorite gifts, it doesn’t come close to the gift of our Lord Jesus Christ. Merry Christmas!

  45. Beth B says

    Sadly, I must say that nothing really stands out BUT the greatest joy I have is spending Christmas Eve and Christmas day with my husband and 2 daughters – all of which, I never dreamed that I would have around me. I was told when I was 9 that I would never have children so never planned on getting married. Amazing what God had in store for me! I treasure my Christmas time with them because they are the greatest gift I’ve ever received…

  46. Elaine Segstro says

    I’ve always treasured home-made gifts from my students – caramel covered popcorn, home made bath salts and home made “heating bags”. These of course are special, but I pray I will not be distracted from the greatest gift – JESUS!

  47. Rhonda says

    The best gift I ever received was my first born child having my first born grandchild, a precious little boy. To add to that my youngest stepson announced that he and his beautiful wife are pregnant with their first child, a boy. What more can a grandma ask for in life but the gift of a new life. I am truly blessed. God is good.

  48. says

    For of all, I would like to say that I love Van Walton! What a blessing she has been in my life. The greatest Christmas gift I received was one of sacrifice. Actually, as an adult, I learned about many sacrifices my parents made for their five children in order to give us AMAZING Christmases. One year, my father spent the whole night spraying water on a peach tree in our backyard…in South Carolina. It was just cold enough to freeze and the tree was filled with icicles when we work up that Christmas morn. My parents told us that Santa had brought us those icicles. I am tearing up thinking about this as I write. Sacrificial giving. That is exactly what God did for us by sending His precious son. Now, that definitely has me crying! Merry Christmas, one and all.

  49. kristen says

    Aside from the birth of Jesus and my salvation..the greatest gift was 4 years ago having our son home from the hospital..he was a miracle baby and the doctors werent sure if he would make it to delivery, yet he did, then he got rsv and was hospitalized 9 days..yet we were able to bring him home for christmas! This year we hope for another great gift of our oldest son to be home on Christmas. The greates gift will be to have all of our family together this Christmas! :)

  50. says

    Thinking of parcel-type presents, there’s a few that stand out, but my favorite is from my husband. We were made with very different love languages, and that can be very frustrating to both of us – but sometimes to me especially. Knowing this, he wrote a letter to me declaring his love and sharing his heart. When I get frustrated, knowing we’re speaking different languages, I love having this letter to reread and remember what’s really true.

  51. Norene B says

    The greatest gifts I have ever received are my 2 boys. My oldest and I have locked horns on many occasions (we’re a lot alike) but he is turning out to be quite the responsible man. My youngest is on a different path right now. One that is taking him down some dangerous roads farther from God and Family than he needs to be. I am hoping that the greatest gift I receive this year will be his homecoming.

  52. Janet Worthy says

    The best Christmas gift I’ve ever witnessed will be in a few days on this Christmas morning! My middle daughter is expecting our second grandchild (we lost our first grandchild, her son, to SIDS on December 14, 2010) in May of 2013. Last week she had a sonogram and the technician slipped a piece of paper to my youngest daughter telling what sex the child is. She has 2 personalized junior pillows – one with the selected girl’s name and one with the selected boy’s name. She has wrapped one up and placed under the tree for the expectant parents to open on Christmas morning with all the family anxiously awaiting to know who it will be! And won’t this book make an awesome first gift for the baby:)

  53. Jean Smith says

    The best present i ever got was a scrapbook from my daughter. There were so many pictures that i had forgotten about. They brought back so many memories.

  54. Laura says

    Wow, just pondering “the greatest gift” makes me feel amazingly blessed. Without a doubt, salvation, God’s Word, and my children top the list. I truly treasure the time that friends and family share together. My favorite gift as an adult actually came from my mother, who passed away while I was pregnant with my first child. It was a baby blanket that she had used and put aside to give me. My sister and I found it while we were going through her things. It was incredibly hard not to be able to share motherhood with her, but I felt her love with me.

  55. says

    The best gift my husband & I ever gave was a surprise visit at Christmas. We live in Florida, at the time all of our kids and grandkids lived in Nebraska and his mother in Kansas. We started out be surprising her a couple of days before Christmas by showing up on her doorstep, then took her with us onto Nebraska on Christmas Eve. We got there early in the day and waited until the kids were all together after dark, dropped off some “Santa bags” with each families names on them and waited outside until they figured out where they came from. As soon as they found their Dad’s home made jerky in the bags we had grandkids running outside in 15 inches of snow, no coats, shoes (yes, at least they took time to put boots or shoes on, lol) on the wrong feet. Let me tell you, there were a LOT of tears and laughs that night.

    Usually if we were coming for a visit the parents (our kids) would at least know, but we pulled it off to where they didn’t even know this time. It was a beautiful Christmas about 4 years ago!


  56. says

    The best gift that I have ever received was the return of my husband’s health after 3 years of battling surgeries, staph infection, and various other problems. We kept the faith, stayed positive, and finally his health returned. I felt like I had a nurse’s degree when I was taking care of him, but it was worth it. Praise God.

  57. Glenda says

    I think one if the best gifts I gave to my 3 adult children was a poem about each one of them. I enjoyed giving that to them more than any store bought gift

  58. Terri says

    I am so blessed that I had to give some real thought to the best gift…..I have to say that one,however is etched in my heart. Last year my husband and I got to hold, sing to, and thank Jesus for our precious stillborn grand-daughter Alanna. There truly are “treasures in darkness” Isaiah 45:3

  59. Maria says

    In December of 2007 I received two beautiful Christmas presents. One was my daughter recovering from surgery. She had cancer and her tumor was completely removed and she did not have to undergo chemo, praise God! The other one was her father sitting on her hospital bed and asking me for forgiveness for our divorce process and all of the hurt he had caused my daughter and me. Right then and there I gave back another present which was accepting his forgiveness. It was when my healing process came to full circle.
    I thank God for those moments. This Christmas my daughter will be 5 years cancer free and my relationship with her dad and his wife is very good, only God!!!

  60. Alicia Starr says

    The best Christmas gift I’ve ever received has been the birth of my third daughter, on December 21st, 2005. Her conception was a wonderful surprise, an answer to prayer, and she has been a beautiful blessing every day since.

  61. Linda K. says

    Being brought up in a Christian home and knowing that Jesus gave the ultimate sacrifice for me. Such a wonderful gift.

  62. Niki says

    not a Christmas gift but a gift from my late mother, I had to stay in the hospital and she brought me a watch! A Mickey Mouse watch w/red straps and the hands were mickey’s hands. I was so proud of my new watch from my mother, my first time away from her & my dad! Thank you Jesus for bringing that back to my memory!

  63. Carol says

    This Christmas I am so excited about the Christmas photo/recipe books I’m giving to my family with their traditional tin of Christmas cookies. I’ve been the “Christmas cookie baker” in my family since my “Nanny” passed the baton & I cherish the role!

  64. says

    Wow that was unusual. I just wrote an extremely long comment but after I clicked submit my comment
    didn’t show up. Grrrr… well I’m not writing all that over again.
    Anyways, just wanted to say superb blog!


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