Tips for Eliminating Hurry

Happy New Year’s Eve!  Are you sighing with relief that 2012 is almost over?

For many of you this has been a trying month, or maybe a difficult year.  Perhaps you are anxious for the new beginning tomorrow brings.  Hoping that 2013 will somehow be different.  It might, but I’ve found the reasons for many of my problems starts with me, so I just tend to carry them over from one year to the next without some serious attention.

Today I’ve got a devotion running on Encouragement of Today about one of those problem … and that’s hurry, and the stress it has caused in my life.  For many years I rushed from one task to the next, usually late and annoyed when everyone around me didn’t fall in line with my plans.  Especially my three little boys, who were a daily challenge to get moving in the same direction – unless it was running down the aisle in the grocery store … away from me.

The bottom line was my responsibilities outweighed my capacity to manage them.  Every day was an exercise in frustration – at myself, my home, husband and children.  So I was always pushing the limits of what I could get done in my allotted time, and usually thinking one of these thoughts:

  •  Why couldn’t anyone get it together!!
  • Why didn’t the demands stop?
  • Why did everyone NEED me so much!

I even got annoyed at the dentist’s office when I was rushing to an appointment … as if it was their fault my children’s teeth needed cleaning.

Hurry made me feel like a victim!!   It made me feel like a slave to something (an out-of-control schedule, to-do list, appointments, etc), which is what Satan wanted me to believe.

Hurry steals the fruit of the Spirit from our life, like  joy, peace, patience, kindness and self-control.  But if hurry is an attitude of the heart – which is what I proposed in my devotion –then I knew I needed to make a decision to choose what matters most when I felt hurry start to well up in me.

In John 10:9-11 Jesus says, “I am the gate; whoever enters through me will be saved. They will come in and go out, and find pasture. 10 The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full.11 I am the good shepherd. The good shepherd lays down his life for the sheep.”

Jesus offers us the answer to a life that feels like it’s falling apart.  Here’s how He modeled the cure for the hurried life every day: People over projects every time.

Oh, there are lots of time management tips I could give you today that would help you be on time.  I could share with you a list of questions I ask myself that help me maintain a balanced schedule.  But I promised in my devotion to share tips on eliminating hurry and this is the best one I can share today.

You see, when I’m more concerned with showing love to my family than on getting every errand checked off my list, then I’m able to be realistic about what I can get done.

When it’s more important that I’m kind to the grocery clerk rather than get through the line quickly, then I don’t mind the wait as much.

And if it matters more that I’m gracious to my family Sunday morning than that we get to church on time, then I model Jesus much more than if I was rushed and impatient.

Deciding to love the person in front of me more than my to-do list is the start of eliminating hurry from my life.  It gives me perspective. It helps me stay balanced.  It redefines my priorities on a daily basis.  It also keeps me on time more than not as I choose to show up early so I can show love and honor to those around me.

Jesus was busy, but never in a hurry.  That’s how I want to live my life as well.

Thanks so much for joining me today.  And if you are interested in some tips for getting organized and better time management, I do have a book full of them!  :-)

In His Love,






  1. Nora says

    Thank you, Glynnis. You just described me perfectly. And yes, I do feel like a victim at times. I sometimes think that my kids will look back at their childhood and only remember me for saying ‘hurry up’. I now have a new phrase to bring me back to reality instead of trying to get everything done at warp speed: People over projects!!!
    Thank you!

  2. Kathy says

    This is amazing insight! I have made a decision to return to college in January, starting January 14th to work on a degree for a second career. As a full-time air traffic controller and mother of 2 daughters, 17 and 13 years old, this was perfect timing to remind me to not lose sight of what’s most important in my life: loving and caring about my husband and daughters more than my career, and staying in touch with my faith. I must slow down and take the time to prioritize both. Thanks, Glynnis!

  3. Shannon says

    Thank you so much for this reminder that I really needed this morning! Your message and the verse from John went directly to my heart.

    Thank you!

  4. Cynthia says

    Excellent! Perfect message for ushering in the new year especially for this Mom of 2 young girls. Thank you for the reminder to put people first and tasks second. Blessings to you and yours as we head into 2013!

  5. Brandy says

    I sure needed to hear this right now Glynnis!
    In 2013 it is my desire to prioritize the person over the projects…
    Especially with my sweet family.
    Thank you for putting it into words for me and settling it deep into my heart!!
    I love you my friend and am so grateful for you!
    I’m praying incredible blessings for you in 2013!
    Brandy Low

  6. Suzi says

    Such timely perspective as we enter the new year. Especially for me since yesteday I reviewed my notes from your book. I want the lessons & insights God gave to me through that study to bring lasting change. During that time I had purposed to see myself as a “person” in the family that had physical, spiritual & emotional needs, too (a brand new concept!) so yesterday I decided in 2013 to make time for gardening, an abandoned hobby that slows me down & relieves stress. I woke up before daylight with my mind full of ideas, grabbed coffee & rushed to look over my garden file so I could HURRY and implement my 2013 de-stressing goal!…early! because I’m like that. HA,fortunately your devotion was the first thing I read reminding me to put people before projects. So “when my husband spontaneously invited me away from my work to spend time with him” having breakfast & a stroll at the lighthouse inlet I said yes. I am going to quote you often this year as I choose to see interruptions as “spontaneous invitations”…super hard for my planner mentality married to a random guy :-) Keep preaching this Glynnis, there are a lot of Christian gals my age who have raised our families but remain trapped by hurry sickness and we are looking for a way out.

  7. Sherry Sheehan says

    Wow what a perfect New Year Message! You sure described me to a T in the years I was working two jobs or 1 job and going to nursing school and trying to care for a sick Mom and husband. I still struggle with it even though I have retired from one of the jobs and my Mom and husband both went to be with the Lord. I definitely tend to be a Martha and I often need to be reminded of what is most important. Thank you, Glynnis. I also have to say that a lot of the hurry is caused by my disorganization and clutter…I bet I am not the only one. How many times I have put myself into a near frenzy hunting for some paper that was not filed properly away and then had to make an extra trip to downtown Phoenix to obtain another copy. Actually this happened to me just on Friday and I did feel like a victim for awhile until I realized I am the one that did not put it back in the right place obviouslyI have your book somewhere if I can remember where I put it. This year I am going to get better organized and get rid of a lot of junk I don’t need.

  8. says

    I am the editor of a community newspaper, The Friday Flyer. We normally don’t use many commentary pieces, but your “Encouragement for Today” really struck a cord with me this morning. I think it would be so meaningful to the hurried moms in my community – even those who aren’t believers. May I have your permission to reprint it for our New Year issue?

  9. says

    I have been mulling over this very thing for the last few months. For me, it’s not that I have so much to cram into my day as much as I have a constant pit in my stomach that I’m not getting everything done that I should be getting done. Even when I purposely schedule margin into my day (and I do!), I churn inside feeling like I need to get to the next thing. I’ll beat myself up all day long for taking a nap, even when I’m exhausted. God is really speaking to me about changing this in 2013, and your post has given me tremendous insight. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

  10. Mary Lou says

    Thank you for this message! You were speaking to me. I am perpetually stressed out and hurrying from one thing to the next. Too often I am the problem–my procrastination, my people pleasing, my delusion that I work best under pressure. God is helping me to understand where I need to change and where I need to re-evaluate my priorities. I have chosen your key verse from the Encouragement for Today devotion (I Corinthians 16:14) to be the first I memorize in 2013. Thank you for helping me to see my hurrying as a heart condition. I can already think of several areas where I can remember people over projects. God bless in 2013!

  11. MissNikki27 says

    Thank you first this message. I am work on my New Commitments and hurrying is definitely something that I wanted to work on. I am always running late, frustrated and angry with everyone else. I know that my problem start with me and my procrastination and my failure to slow down.

  12. says

    Oh my word….God has used your wisdom to speak to me! I didn’t know that was the problem, but I have felt everything you described and I’ve always been so project based my 8 year old asks me “what are we hurrying up to do”. Thank you:)

  13. Nancy says

    The first phrase that my older daughter spoke was ‘Hurryup!’ said just like that. We were at her 15 month check up at the doctor. He was asking about her verbal ability which of course she refused to show right then. However as I stopped to pay for the visit, she walked ahead of me, stopped and said, clear as a bell, “Hurryup” The doctor and a woman in the waiting room both chuckled and the woman commented, “Well that was clear enough!”

  14. CarolAnne says

    Happy New Year’s Eve to you, too! Thank you for your help. (Your book is great!) Modern life takes so much away from us because we think we have too much to do. My parents (both in Heaven now) used to ask: What’s your hurry? I miss them so much and your point about “people over projects” really says it all. God bless 2013!

  15. says

    Lest we forget…we can be Jesus anywhere to anyone, unless we’re in a hurry! How un-Jesus-like I am when I’m rushed and stressed…to strangers and to my beloved family. Thanks for the reminder, Glynnis. Happy New Year Blessings!

  16. says

    Your devotion today seemed oh so familiar! I have made steps toward slowing down and loving more, but I’m still a work in progress. Thank you for the encouragement to continue in the right direction. New Year blessings to you and yours!

  17. says

    You have described my situation perfectly, Glynnis. Thank you so much for the insight and inspiration. I sadly can recall the last time I made everyone hurry, and I wish I could erase it from everyone’s memory!

    This is an awesome piece. I just purchased your book on organization and can’t wait to read it.

  18. says

    Would it be possible to have the previous daily posts re clutter E-mailed to me? My husband is a hoarder, and though I don’t know that he would do or even read them, I might have a better shot rather than sending him to the site. Thanks.

    • Glynnis says

      Hi Teri, I’m happy to email you all the previous posts. They’ll come separately so you can save them in an email folder if you like.

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