God’s in the business of creating opportunities

Have you ever wondered if there’s room for you? Not just on a couch, but in different arenas of life?

I sure have. In fact, I wrote about it today on my devotion on Encouragement for Today. If you’ve visiting from there, and this is your first time on my blog, I hope you’ll visit more often!

Very few people walk into a new situation and immediately feel like part of the in-crowd. Most of us know what it’s like to circle that crowd, watching and waiting for an invitation or a moment when we can step in. Maybe fill a gap when someone steps out.

Whether it’s a play group in a new neighborhood, a group of  friends, a ministry we feel called to start, a career we want or a dream in our hearts, we wonder if there’s any room left for us. Are there any opportunities left? Or have all the truly qualified people already stepped in and taken the available spots?

This hit me most profoundly and with heart-wrenching consequences when I felt God call me to write. Not just any writing, I’d done business writing for years. But writing my own thoughts and words. And putting them in a book.

I know there are a lot of writers who are reading this today. You probably know that whispered command to write that has to come from God?  And you know it’s not you, because you wouldn’t have thought that thought. It’s too scary to think of putting your heart on display through your words … for all of social media land to comment.

And then just when you get your courage up to start writing, you start reading the books already published with a new eye. And you realize these people know how to craft sentences you want to underline. And they know just how to write an opening sentence that makes you want to read the second one. And somehow they cracked the code and got in to the secret world of publishing.

With each realization that others are further ahead on this path than you, and they are so much more accomplished than you, your dream and hopes deflate a little more.

Now take this scenario of writing and insert anything you believe God is calling you to do.  Does it sound familiar?

Here’s the truth I want to you to plant deep in your heart and remember when those doubts start to rise up:  If God has called you to do it, He will create endless opportunities to fulfill it.

God is not limited by what limits us. He doesn’t divide opportunities, He multiplies them.  But it’s so easy to be discouraged when we keep our eyes on others.  We must discipline ourselves to not qualify our calling by how possible “success” looks from our human perspective. God works outside of our human limitations.

If you are feeling discouraged about God’s call on your life, here are three things I want you to remember today:

1)  Our job is to be faithful in the little things.  This requires being faithful with what you are able to do today. That might mean studying, practicing, working out, leading your children, disciplining yourself. There is always something we can do today, and our faithfulness in little things shows we will be faithful in big things.

2) There are no road blocks to God.  God is never surprised by what surprises us.  No human can foresee accidents, health challenges, the choices of others, recessions, sales reports, companies’ closing their doors, layoffs, betrayal or a host of other catastrophes.  When these things happen in our lives, it’s not necessarily a sign to give up. The only time to quit is when God specifically cancels your assignment.  God may just be pressing pause, or it may mean a redirection, but surprises aren’t roadblocks to the One who raises the dead.

3) Accept that the end result might look different than you imagined.  Our vision is limited. I’ve learned to keep my hands open with what I believe God is calling me to do. God is all about doing new things, and I’ve learned that holding on to tightly to a dream can mean I miss out on an opportunity in front of me.  For example, you might feel called to the mission field, only to find yourself at home with little children.  Perhaps God’s vision of a mission field is your living room. Allow God to define your calling – you’ll find much more joy and peace.

Sometimes God’s calling on our lives is easy to discern. I love when that happens. Sometimes it’s a walk of quiet obedience, trusting God with each step. Either way, we can be assured God has a plan for each of us.

Thanks so much for spending some time with me today.