Tis the Season to be Nice

Do you ever NOT feel like being nice?

Normally being nice is easy. But sometimes my very last nerve feels very touchy. Especially when I’ve put myself in that position by waiting till the last minute to get something done.

Today I’ve got a devotion running that shares about a time when God stopped me before I gave in to frustration. Click here to read it. This time of year, when traffic seems heavier, lines seem longer and stores can be out of the exact item I need, I’m making a decision to be kind, especially when I feel like it least. This is what Jesus would do, and what I want to do too.

To help avoid those moments, I’m also trying to be proactive and build in more time for everything. More time to get where I need to go, showing up early to church to stop and say hello, and more time to show love to my family. This will mean saying no to other things, like 5 extra minutes in bed, or sitting and watching another Hallmark Christmas movie.

Christmas Kindness Giveaway on Glynnis Whitwer's Blog!To celebrate Christmas, I’m giving away a Christmas Kindness basket today. This includes:

  • a pack of blank note cards
  • a book of stamps
  • a $10 Starbucks card (to take someone to coffee)
  • a $10 Target card (to buy supplies to make someone a baked item)
  • a copy of Everyday Confetti- (filled with ideas on showing love to others)

To be entered, simply leave a comment on my blog. I’ll pick someone at random and email you personally next week.

 *** Thanks to everyone who left a comment.  Congratulations to Beth D. for winning the Christmas Kindness basket. 

Wishing you a joy-filled, kindness-showing Christmas.