Ideas for summer family fun.

Hi friends,

Are you facing another summer with hopes of a slower pace and more family time?  Me too.

But I’ve learned if I don’t plan for things to happen, they won’t.  Life tends to fill in every spare minute, and I can arrive at September and wish I had spent more time relaxing, enjoying my kids on summer break, and basking in weather that’s sunny and warm.

Today, I’ve got a few things to share with you that I hope will get your creative ideas flowing for your summer.

1)  Today, Karen Ehman and I are guests on Focus on the Family discussing the topic of “Celebrating Your Family Throughout the Year.”  You can listen to the free broadcast by clicking here.

2) To add to the fun, Karen and I made a list of 7 family activities (different from the broadcast) you can do on a shoestring budget.  To read our ideas visit

3) Karen and I also created two free PDF’s that will help you this summer: Camping Checklist and Summer Recipes.  Focus on the Family is giving them away as part of their program.  You’ll find links to both free downloads by clicking here.  Click on “Related articles” to find the links.

Welcome summer!  Welcome family time!  Welcome fun-vacation-mom (as my kids call me when I finally stop working and relax)!

Please take time to completely stop working.  To stop worrying about laundry, cleaning, and maybe even dinner. Turn off your phone, computer and tv.  And just have fun … the kind of fun you had when you were in school and on summer vacation.  Laugh, giggle, loosen up and enjoy the moments God has given you with the amazing people He has put in your life.

I can regret working too much, but I NEVER regret the time I spend with my family and friends.

Wishing you a joy-filled day,