You’re Invited to a Decluttering Challenge

Would you like to be lighter in 60 days?  I’m not talking weight. I’m talking clutter.Join me for a 60-Day Lighten Up Decluttering Challenge

Before the next school year rolls around, would you be willing to spend a few minutes each day removing, repurposing and recycling unwanted or unneeded stuff?

If so, join me on my 60-day Summer Decluttering Challenge.  Each day on my Facebook Page, I’ll make a suggestion on what to remove from your home. I recommend removing 5 of each item I suggest. But if that feels overwhelming, get rid of 1 item. Or, if you are motivated, get rid of 10.

Can you imagine being 60 items lighter?  Or 300 items? Or 600 items.  Imagine how clean your counters and dresser tops will be. Picture actually being able to hang something up in your closet?  Or find something you need in the pantry.

Before you start, you’ll need a place to put all these things during the challenge. Here are some suggestions:

1)  Give away box (to donate or to share with friends)
2)  Sale box (consignment or yard sale)
3)  Recycle container
5)  Keep/put away
6)  Trash
Depending on how many items leave your home, you could empty these regularly. Won’t that be exciting!?
Each day you should spend 10-15 minutes identifying what you can say goodbye to, in the area of your home I suggest. Some days my suggestion won’t be a problem for you. Maybe your kitchen is clutter free, but your bedroom is a mess. Then you get a day off when we focus on the kitchen.  Or go back and tackle another suggestion. Or get rid of paper. (We can all get rid of paper)
I’ll be doing this with you, so we’ll lighten up together.
Ready to get started?  Today I’ll post my suggestion on my blog and Facebook. But starting tomorrow it will just be on Facebook.  Click here for the link.  And make sure you “like”my page to get my post.
Here’s my suggestion for Day 1:  The Refrigerator.
Isn’t this a perfect place to start in the heat of summer?  What 1, 5 or 10 items can you remove?  Start with anything too old to safely eat. Tonight, have a potluck dinner to use up what you can. Then, plan a week’s menu to include other food that needs to be eaten.
This is going to be fun. In 60 days we’ll all be a bit lighter. And if you need some extra motivation, I want to share what inspired me to do this challenge.  It’s the book Clutter Free, written by my friend Kathi Lipp .  Kathi has brilliantly identified the problems we all have that lead to cluttered homes, offices, cars and lives. This book is fun to read, but packs a gentle, yet powerful message.  Clutter is stealing the best parts of our lives!

Clutter Fre by Kathi Lipp

I hope you’ll consider getting Kathi’s book and joining me on my 60-Day Challenge.  You’ll be glad you did.
Thanks for joining me today.